The 5 Best P2P Lending Platforms in the Philippines
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The 5 Best P2P Lending Platforms in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best P2P Lending Platforms in the Philippines


As we value where your money goes, we weighed the trustworthiness of the P2P platforms and choose only the most reliable ones.

Loan Application

We looked into the requirements and processes of each P2P lending platform and selected those with simple and reasonable application processes.

Crowdfunding Process

We researched the financing methods of P2P lending platforms to evaluate the investment process and identify where it is advantageous to invest.

Repayment Terms

We evaluated P2P lending platforms’ repayment options and chose those with the most attainable terms.

Minimum Investment

We only picked P2P lending platforms with low investment requirements.

1. Blend PH

Blend PH Homepage

Loan Products: Personal loan, franchise loan, business loan, auto-sangla (ORCR) loan, fast loan, seafarer loan, educational loan, salary loan

Minimum Investment: Php 5,000

Loan Interest Rate: As low as 1% – 36% per month

Investment Interest Rate: Up to 30% per annum


Loan Application4.3/5
Crowdfunding Process4.6/5
Repayment Terms4.6/5
Minimum Investment4/5


  • Has eight loan products
  • High investment interest rate
  • Has a rigorous risk assessment for borrowers


  • Interest rates depend on credit standing
  • Requires a lot of documents upon loan application
  • Has an expensive processing fee

If you’re looking for a P2P lending platform with different loan products, we think that Blend PH is for you.

We like that they have eight loan products that cover different types of loans like salary, personal, business, and more. And upon evaluation, we believe they’re the P2P lending platform with the broadest scope in terms of loan offerings.

We’re also happy that their approval rate is faster than banks despite having a rigorous risk assessment for borrowers. Evaluations can be done as early as one week as long as you submit your requirements, so it’s also ideal if you need money immediately.

Though, of course, the evaluation process depends on what type of loan you’re applying for. 

If you try to apply for a loan, we noticed that they have a huge processing fee of about 10% deducted from your loan amount. For instance, if you loan Php 50,000, you can only receive Php 45,000 once approved. 

We are also disappointed that their interest rates depend on credit standing, and they don’t have a set interest rate for borrowers.

Aside from that, when applying for a loan, we observed that they require a lot of documents. This includes an audited financial statement (AFS), income tax return, proof of billing, etc.

Even so, we still like them because they have good risk assessments for loans and offer high-interest rates for investments.

2. SeedIn

SeedIn Homepage

Loan Products: Business loan

Minimum Investment: Php 1,000

Loan Interest Rate: As low as 2% per month

Investment Interest Rate: Up to 10% per annum


Loan Application4.55/5
Crowdfunding Process4.5/5
Repayment Terms4/5
Minimum Investment5/5


  • Fast turnover rate
  • Low minimum investment


  • Repayment terms are only up to 12 months
  • Doesn’t offer other types of loan

If you’re looking to invest your Php 1,000, and have monthly returns, then we highly recommend SeedIn.

To start, we like that they have a fast turnover rate for investors, so you’ll receive monthly investment repayments. 

We’re also happy that investors can immediately maximize their earnings to gain more significant returns in a shorter period. 

Although, we believe it can be a double-edged sword because investments can only earn up to 10%, which is lower than other P2P lending platforms on this list.

Nonetheless, we’re still impressed that they have a simple process for investors because you just need to make a SeedIn account and top it up. Afterward, you can select the project you want to invest in and then wait and earn money.

Thus, we think that among the P2P lending platforms on this list, they have the most straightforward process because they don’t require a lot of paperwork for investors. 

Since the minimum investment is also low, we believe it’s even fit for low-income earners who want to profit from their money.

However, for borrowers, we feel that repayment with SeedIn can be challenging because their terms are only up to 12 months. Because of this, you don’t have a lot of flexibility in terms of paying your loans.

Additionally, in case you’re not a business owner, you cannot borrow from SeedIn because they don’t offer other types of loans besides business loans.

Regardless, we still think SeedIn is excellent because they provide their investors with good services and a simple investment process.

3. Vidalia Lending Corp.

Vidalia Lending Corp. Homepage

Loan Products: Personal loan, business loan, salary loan, lite loan, e-commerce loan, small business loan

Minimum Investment: Php 5,000

Loan Interest Rate: As low as 4-6% per month

Investment Interest Rate: Up to 18% per annum


Loan Application4.45/5
Crowdfunding Process4/5
Repayment Terms4.3/5
Minimum Investment4/5


  • Fast loan approval
  • Easy loan management
  • No prepayment fee


  • Only has 2 -12 months repayment terms
  • Not investor-friendly

If you’re looking for a P2P lending platform that has fast approval rate, then Vidalia Lending Corp is your best bet.

We’re surprised with this P2P lending platform because they’re the only ones with immediate credit decisions for about 24 hours upon application. 

The straightforwardness of their loan application process is also a plus for us because requirements are very minimal. If you borrow money from them, you just need to apply through their mobile application.

We also believe that their mobile app is advantageous because it offers easy loan management for borrowers. So if you want to check the terms or if you want to access your loan files, you can easily see them through the app.

We also like that they don’t charge a prepayment fee if you have extra money and want to pay early. 

However, we’re a bit dissatisfied with how they handle investors. Compared to others on this list that are always reaching out, Vidalia Lending Corp. isn’t because it seems they wait for their investors to message them.

When we tested their investment program, we observed that they’re quick to accept investors, but they don’t guide them through the process. 

For instance, it can be confusing if you’re a new investor, especially if you don’t know that you need to reply to their email once you transfer your money.

Additionally, we noticed that their website is more borrower centric, so we hope they improve their site and mobile app to be more investor-friendly.

Even so, if you don’t mind short repayment terms for your loans and need fast cash, we think Vidalia Lending Corp. is a good option.

4. Kiva Philippines

Kiva Philippines Homepage

Loan Products: Business loan

Minimum Investment: USD 25

Loan Interest Rate: None (interest rates are charged by field partner of Kiva)

Investment Interest Rate: None


Loan Application3.75/5
Crowdfunding Process4.7/5
Repayment Terms4.5/5
Minimum Investment4.9/5


  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Non-profit
  • No extra charges for loans


  • No interest rate for investments
  • No set interest rates for field partners

If you’re planning to invest your money for a good cause and not for profit, we think that Kiva Philippines is suitable for you.

First, we find Kiva amazing because we saw their commitment to supporting small and mid-size enterprises to have accessible funding through peer-to-peer programs. 

If you are a borrower, we like that you just have to apply to Kiva Philippines’ website, and they will connect you to their field partner who will assist you. 

After you apply, you will be included on their website, where investors will fund your project. Though we noticed that it takes a lot of time before you can borrow money because Kiva’s crowdfunding is direct. 

This means that investors will look into your portfolio first before they invest. Since the minimum investment is only USD 25, it will take a lot of time before you receive the loan.

Nevertheless, Kiva is still an excellent P2P lending platform for us because we like that they have flexible repayment terms from 6 months up to 3 years. 

For investors, the borrowers’ portfolios are easily accessible on their website, and the investment process is also easy because there is no paperwork involved.

However, if you’re investing money in Kiva, don’t expect you’ll earn interest because they don’t charge interest to borrowers and function through donations. But borrowers still pay interest rates to Kiva’s field partners to cover operational costs. 

So if you avail of loans, you should still be careful about the terms and conditions because Kiva doesn’t have set interest rates for their field partners.

5. Investree

Loan Products: Invoice financing, purchase order financing

Minimum Investment: None (investment bidding)

Loan Interest Rate: As low as 2-4% per month

Investment Interest Rate: Up to 36% per annum


Loan Application4.1/5
Crowdfunding Process4.8/5
Repayment Terms4/5
Minimum Investment4.2/5


  • Provides fact sheet for investors
  • Loan payments with post-dated checks
  • Has a detailed borrower evaluation
  • High return of investment


  • High loan payout deduction
  • Only accepts institutional investors

If you’re an institutional investor and looking for a P2P lending company that can fund micro, small, or medium enterprise (MSMEs), we highly recommend Investree. 

What stood out to us with this P2P lending platform is that they have a superb lending mechanism for matchmaking investors and borrowers. Firstly, we like that they have auctions for investors, so they know where they invest their money.

We’re happy that they don’t decide where you put your money, compared to other P2Ps that manage your money for you. In this case, it’s impressive that they give freedom to institutional investors to chew up risks based on their appetite.

They also provide a fact sheet for investors, adding more points for us. 

The investment process can be intimidating, but as we observed Investree, we can’t help but be amazed by their meticulous loan evaluations. Thus, you can be assured that your money will be allocated well.

For borrowers, we think you’ll like that your loan payments can be in post-dated checks as it lessens the hassle of payments.

However, we noticed they have a high loan payout deduction because they charge a marketplace fee, including interest payment and processing fee. 

Added to that, we’re downhearted that Investree has not yet expanded to retail investors. This means that they only accept institutional investors as of now.

Nonetheless, Investree is still a great P2P lending platform for us because they have high investment returns.

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