5 Best WiFi Rentals in the Philippines
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5 Best WiFi Rentals in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best WiFi Rentals in the Philippines


We only included WiFi rentals that have affordable prices and offer the best value for your money.


As we put a premium on buyers’ selections, we chose WiFi rentals with wide coverage and offer various WiFi access. 


We considered WiFi rental’s overall performance, based on their available router’s WiFi speed and the number of devices they can accommodate.


We selected WiFi rentals that are accessible online and to have reliable customer support.

1. Cherry Roam

Cherry Roam Homepage

Data Packages’ Price Range: Php 250 – Php 5,500

Device Deposit Fee: Php 3,000

Contact Number: +63 996 977 7770 and +632 8567 3341

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Supported Networks: 4G and 5G

Value for Money4.5/5
WiFi Speed5/5


  • Supports 5G connectivity
  • Allows you only to rent the device
  • Devices can last up to 12 hours
  • Device can function as a power bank


  • Expensive deposit fee
  • Charges insurance fee

If you need high-speed internet in your overseas trip, we recommend Cherry Roam. 

Among the WiFi rental providers on this list, Cherry Roam is the only one that offers 5G devices, perfect for people who want fast internet. 

We like that if you often go abroad and already have a local SIM card, you can also just avail of their ‘device only’ rentals that cost Php 50 – Php 100 a day.

Because of this, we think that this will save you a lot of money since you’ll subscribe to local data promos. 

When tested, we were surprised that their 5G device can last up to 12 hours thanks to its 5400 mAh battery that you can also use as a power bank. 

However, we think that their deposit fee is costly. Though refundable, we feel it’s still expensive for Cherry Roam to charge Php 3,000, which is far more than what other WiFi rental providers invoice their customers.

Additionally, they don’t have an unlimited data package, which is quite disappointing because they already offer a superb device. The available data packages are only 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, and sometimes 10GB (depending on the country).

Thus, we think this is not for those who need to access large data-consuming websites.

We also didn’t like the mandatory insurance fee of Php 300 per device.

Consequently, we think they’re the most expensive WiFi rental provider on this list because you’ll shell out a lot of money before you can avail of their WiFi rental services.

2. My PAL Roam

My PAL Roam Homepage

Data Packages’ Price Range: Php 450 – Php 790

Device Deposit Fee: Php 2,000

Contact Number: (02) 8855 8888

Email: [email protected]

Supported Networks: 3G and 4G

Value for Money4.3/5
WiFi Speed4.5/5


  • Can rent for up to 20 devices
  • Offers recharge services
  • Waives deposit fee for Mabuhay Miles members


  • No 5G devices available
  • Speed slows down after consuming 1 GB

If you’re traveling with a bunch, and all of you need separate internet, we think that My PAL Roam is a good choice.

Among the WiFi rental providers on this list, we’re amazed by this one because they offer rental services for up to 20 devices. So, if you have a lot of people coming with you, you can easily rent with My PAL Roam. 

As opposed to others where you must check out many times to avail multiple devices, you just need to check out once for this one to avail of their WiFi services.

We also like that if you’re a Mabuhay Miles member, My PAL Roam waives your deposit fee.

However, we’re a bit disappointed that the connection slows down if there is heavy internet usage despite My PAL Roam claiming to offer unlimited data. That said, we only recommend this for those with moderate internet needs of about 1GB daily.

If you stay in a specific country for multiple days, their data cap will not be a massive problem because we noticed that the data always resets every day. 

In case you have an emergency online meeting and used up 1GB for the day, we discovered that they have a recharge option.

You just have to visit their website and pay for a recharge to access reliable internet.

If you avail of this, though, don’t expect a 5G connection because their supported network is only up to 4G.

All in all, we still like My PAL Roam because they don’t have extra charges, and you get what you pay.

3. Big Sky Nation

Big Sky Nation Homepage

Data Packages’ Price Range: Php 150 – Php 790

Device Deposit Fee: Php 1,000

Contact Number: 02- 8403 1399 / 0918 964 7626

Email: [email protected]

Supported Networks: 3G and 4G

Value for Money4.5/5
WiFi Speed4.6/5


  • Affordable device deposit fee
  • Have delivery or pick-up options
  • Includes device fee in the package


  • Charges Php 195 for ATM/debit card transaction fees
  • Deposit can be received after 15-30 banking days

If you’re on a tight budget, we think that Big Sky Nation is your best bet.

We like that for as low as Php 150, you can already avail 150 MB of data per day in most Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and more. Hence, we think it’s the best in terms of data options.

Aside from the 150 MB data, they also offer packages that include 350 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, and unlimited data. Therefore, customers have the choice to pick based on their needs.

We also appreciate that they offer delivery and pick-up options so you can select based on how you want to return or receive your WiFi device. If you’re renting last minute, you can still do so, as their pick-up option is always available during office hours.

We’re also happy they don’t charge separately for the device rental. 

It’s a plus that the deposit fee is only Php 1,000, which is relatively cheaper than other WiFi rental providers on this list. However, we’re pretty stunned that they charge Php 195 for ATM or debit card transaction fees.

Furthermore, we’re slightly dissatisfied with how long they return the deposit. Because of this, we believe it’s not for those who will need their money back immediately.

Anyhow, we still like Big Sky Nation because they let their customers modify their packages. Hence, if you have changes in your travel like you’ll extend your stay and still want to avail of their services, you can inform them on their website.

4. Travel Recommends

Travel Recommends Homepage

Data Packages’ Price Range: Php 220 – Php 600

Device Deposit Fee: Php 1,800

Contact Number: General inquiries and reservations via Viber (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) +63 9178548774

Technical support via Viber (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) +63 9178548774

Hotline (9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Mon – Fri) +63 9178548774

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Supported Networks: 3G and 4G

Value for Money4.9/5
WiFi Speed4.5/5


  • Affordable unlimited rates
  • Offers multiple country packages


  • Charges cancellation fee
  • No 5G devices

If you’re going to multiple countries, we highly suggest you rent WiFi from Travel Recommends.

Among the WiFi rental providers on this list, Travel Recommends offers the best multiple-country packages. 

When renting WiFi with them, they allow you to access different countries any day. We like that they have South East Asia packages, Africa packages, Worldwide packages, and more. 

Therefore, we think they’re the best option for backpackers or those going on multiple country tours. 

It’s also convenient that they don’t need your detailed itinerary before you can rent, and they’ll only ask about the duration of your trip. 

Moreover, if you avail of their packages, they will only give you one device, which will not occupy a lot of space in your bag.

Their unlimited rates are also affordable. If you’re traveling to Thailand, they only charge Php 220 for unlimited WiFi already.

We’re also impressed that their Japan and Korea package starts from Php 350 per day, so it’s a steal for us. 

However, we didn’t like that they charge a cancellation fee even if you notified them early. 

We think they’re the most stringent compared to others because they impose a 10% handling fee even if you tell them you’re canceling five days before your indicated time.

If you notify them less than five working days before your departure date, you’ll be penalized Php 700 or USD 500. 

Additionally, they don’t offer a 5G connection, so if you need high-speed internet, reserve an accommodation that offers a fast and reliable one.

5. Klook

Klook Homepage

Data Packages’ Price Range: Php 78 – Php 2,500

Device Deposit Fee: Depends on the service network

Contact Number: 626-3888

Email: [email protected]

Supported Networks: 3G, 4G, and 5G

Value for Money4.7/5
WiFi Speed4.9/5


  • Has different data offers
  • Has the option to avail sim card only
  • Pick-up options are direct in the airport
  • Has a mobile application


  • Rates change from time to time
  • Rental services are offered by different providers

If you’re going on a trip on short notice, we think that Klook is the most suitable for you.

Klook is the only WiFI provider that offers same-day rental, so you can rent whenever you want. If you’re already on a plane and forgot to book a WiFi rental, you can still book with them because they have a mobile application.

Though Klook is not entirely a WiFi rental brand, their platform offers a wide variety of WiFi rentals where you can choose the best one based on your needs. 

Once you’ve made a reservation, you’ll get the voucher code and instructions for picking up your WiFi or sim card. All you have to do is pick it up when you get to the airport.

Regarding deposits, as different providers offer their rental services, they will vary. Although it’s not usually required, some providers ask for deposits, so we suggest you pay close attention to their postings.

The best part for us is that their WiFi devices are widely used locally, so bringing them anywhere is more convenient. 

Added to that, it is also a good choice if you want a local sim card to avail of data packages and call or text. As sim cards are cheaper than renting devices, we think they also fit travelers with a limited budget.

However, their rates change from time to time. Since they don’t have set rates for their WiFi rentals, the price will mainly depend on the postings of the service providers.

Even so, we still appreciate Klook because they offer vouchers and discount codes if you avail of their services.

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