5 Best Microblading Studios in the Philippines
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5 Best Microblading Studios in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Microblading Studios in the Philippines


We only included microblading studios that offer services at reasonable prices.


To ensure our picks didn’t fall short on offerings, we chose microblading studios that offer a variety of procedures and use efficient techniques.


For convenience’s sake, we chose microblading studios that have on-site studios or multiple branches.

Booking System

We looked into their booking systems and selected those with easy and effective booking systems.


As we value customer satisfaction, we selected microblading studios that have a remarkable track record and long-lasting results.

1. Strokes

Strokes Homepage

Price Range: Php 20,000 – Php 25,000

Services Offered: Brow Sculpting

Location: Greenbelt Dr, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 777 2306

Value for Money5/5
Booking System4.7/5


  • Has mobile suites
  • Offers brow aftercare services
  • Has multiple branches in Manila


  • Procedure takes a long time to finish
  • Rates vary depending on the artist
  • Often fully booked

If you’re too busy to go to studios for microblading sessions, we think that Strokes is your best bet.

What sets them apart from the other entries on this list is that they have mobile suites. This conveniently allows you to avail of their services from the comfort of your home. 

Aside from that, they have multiple branches in Manila, so you can easily visit any nearby branch to get your brows done.

In terms of service, we like that they begin with finding the best eyebrow style based on your face shape. Because of this, we think they’re best suited for first-timers who want to have their brows assessed first before getting the procedure.

It’s worth noting that their brow sculpting services entails two sessions – the first session is the microblading proper while the second session focuses on retouching.

Though, if you avail of their mobile suites, these sessions will be combined into one for your convenience.

Because of their superb services, they have a lot of customers. The only downside to this is that it’s challenging to schedule an appointment because their artists are always fully-booked. 

That said, we recommend booking early to avoid the hassle of queuing. Apart from that,  there’s a high chance you won’t get attended to instantly either.

It’s also important to note that their microblading rates vary depending on the artist. If you’re a walk in customer, this may be troublesome for you.

Their procedures also take about six hours. So, we suggest you take time and free your schedule as the procedure can take a long time to finish. 

Overall, we still like Strokes because they have high-quality services. At the same time, they also offer aftercare products that are perfect for beginners and friendly for skin healing.

2. Fleek Beauty Clinic

Fleek Beauty Clinic Homepage

Price Range: Php 15,990 – Php 21,990

Services Offered: Featherbrows, Bold Brows

Main Address: SM Megamall

Contact Number: 0908 872 9422

Value for Money4.5/5
Booking System3/5


  • Good shading technique
  • Offers promos and discounts
  • Purchase within promo days can be used at later date


  • Only has a branch in SM Megamall
  • Reservations via social media accounts only

If you want to try microblading together with other wellness regimens, then we suggest that you should check out Fleek Beauty Clinic.

We appreciate that they specialize in eyebrow embroidery while also offering lash extensions, lip tattoos, and more. Compared to other studios on this list, Fleek Beauty Clinic has more services and bundled beauty offerings. 

They often offer promos and discounts selected services and packages. In some cases, markdowns are as high as 50%, which make them an ideal choice if you’re on the hunt for great deals. 

We also like that their promos don’t have a validity period when you avail of it. We consider them the best in terms of flexibility because you can pay for a service at a lower price and have the procedure done at a later date if you’d prefer.

Additionally, we think it’s worth highlighting that their staff have great shading techniques. In our experience, their microblading procedure makes the brows look like its naturally powdered.

Based on our assessment, their artists’ hands are also light and delicate, causing the stain to look natural on the brows. Their techniques also allow the eyes to pop more, which we think is excellent at putting emphasis on your natural features.

As a result, they receive a lot of praise from many of their customers for giving them great eyebrows on fleek every day.

However, we didn’t like that they don’t have other branches aside from one in SM Megamall. In our opinion, this is quite limiting, especially for clients who don’t frequent the area.

Additionally, they don’t have a website so you can only reserve via their social media accounts. Hence, we suggest you only transact with their official page to avoid getting scammed.

3. Browhaus Manila

Browhaus Manila Homepage

Price Range: Php 42,800 – Php 72,000

Microblading Services Offered: Brow Resurrection (Classic, Soft, Full, Ombre)

Location: 4F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Store Space 4-003B, Makati City, Manila

Contact Number: 0908 892 2769

Value for Money4.5/5
Booking System5/5


  • Has a fine finish
  • Fast procedure
  • Has an easy-booking system in their website
  • Offers free brow design consultation


  • Expensive
  • Brows can be tender for 1-2 weeks

If you’re not one for lengthy microblading sessions, we think that Browhaus Manila is perfect for you. 

We love that their procedures only last 120 to 150 minutes. To boot, they already come with a fine microblading finish.

They offer four types of microblading procedures that cater to the different needs of the customers. Namely, their microblading procedures are Classic, Soft, Full, and Ombre. 

What’s great is that all of these are perfect for anyone with sparse, thin, or uneven eyebrows.

Additionally, we think it’s a plus that they offer free brow design consultations for those who sign up. Here, you can see the possible result of their brow resurrection services without going through the procedure yet.

Having mentioned that, we think that they have the best booking system because it’s straightforward and doesn’t redirect you to other websites. It’s also perfect for those who aren’t tech-savvy because there is customer support as you book a reservation.

But here’s the hitch: we also noticed that after the procedure, the brows take a long time to heal and can be tender for up to 2 weeks, depending on the skin type. 

As a result, we suggest booking when you’ll be able to rest comfortably at home for a couple of  weeks.

Aside from that, we think their services are expensive because it starts at Php 42,800. Compared to what other studios on this list charge, Browhaus Manila costs considerably more.

However, we think this is attributed to the fact that their artists are multi-award-winning brow and lash grooming experts. They also have branches abroad so their services are on an international level.

Hence, we think that they’re worth visiting despite the hefty price tag. 

4. Brow Designery

Brow Designery Homepage

Price Range: Php 19,999

Services Offered: Microblading, Man Brows, Signature Combo Brows, Powder Combo Brows

Location: Pr1mo Building, 27 Gloria Diaz, Street BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0966 718 7889

Value for Money4.9/5
Booking System4.7/5


  • Results can last up to 18 months
  • Has a lot of microblading techniques
  • Has complimentary aftercare kit


  • No consultation before you avail their service
  • LED therapy is just an add-on

If you want to have long-lasting brows that can last up to 18 months, we highly recommend Brow Designery. 

We’re amazed by Brow Designery’s services because, among the microblading studios on this list, this one is the most long-lasting with proper treatment and care. 

We’re also happy that they have a complimentary aftercare kit, so we’re assured that the brows will heal accordingly.

Compared to others on this list, we think they’re the best for men because they offer a specialized Man Brows service. Here, they apply soft microshading to produce natural volume and lifelike hair-like strokes.

They also brow map based on your brow structures, so we appreciate that they’re putting a lot of effort into being inclusive to anyone who wants their services.

We also like that their techniques depend on your skin type. So if you have oily, matured, or textured skin, you can still achieve that brows-on-fleek look with their Powder Combo Brows service.

Even then, we’re quite disappointed that when you reserve, you must already pick a service without a consultation first. Because of this, we don’t think they’re a good fit for those who are new to microblading.

We also didn’t like that they offer LED therapy as an add-on, not a complimentary service. So if you don’t avail of that service, your wound will take longer to heal.

5. Brush n’ Brows Beauty Studio

Brush n’ Brows Beauty Studio Homepage

Price Range: Php 10,000 – Php 14,000

Services Offered: Microblading, Combination

Location: Brgy, 696 Jose Abad Santos, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 775 0755

Value for Money4.8/5
Booking System3.2/5


  • Affordable
  • Gives out Skin Candy Ointment to be used after the treatment


  • Multiple appointments needed
  • Manual booking system

If you want to avail the most affordable microblading service, then Brush n’ Brows Beauty Studio is for you. 

We like that their services cost only Php 10,000 for two sessions already. The price also includes aftercare ointment called Skin Candy Ointment to boost the healing of the brows.

We appreciate that the ointment promotes skin regeneration and improves healing abilities. It also protects the skin from dirt and other causes of infection.

For their services, we’re a bit bummed that the microblading sessions need at least 2-4 appointments and are usually 4-6 weeks apart. So to achieve a natural look, you must have retouching appointments.

Nonetheless, they’re still one of the best for us because they offer natural-looking brows similar to those provided by more expensive studios. 

We also appreciate that they emphasize definition in their services. We especially like their Combination Brows as it combines aspects of hair strokes and powdered or ombre effects to produce natural-looking but well-defined brows.

However, we find their booking system lacking because it is manual. So if you want to reserve a slot, you will need to call or message them via their contact number or social media.

Overall, we think Brush n’ Brows Beauty Studio is suitable for beginners because they offer great aftercare service and follow-up with their clients.

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