5 Best Blog Sites in the Philippines
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5 Best Blog Sites in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Blog Sites in the Philippines


We examined the content of each blog site and chose ones that provided pertinent and valuable information.


We considered the readership of each blog site and only picked those with genuine subscribers or readers.


To ensure that our picks are safe, we looked into each blog site and selected those that have tolerable plug-ins and pop-ups.


As we put a premium on the reader’s experience, we reviewed sites that did not have many suspicious and intrusive ads.


Since building a community is relevant in reading blogs, we handpicked blog sites with social and interactive sections.

1. YugaTech

YugaTech Homepage

Website: https://www.yugatech.com/

Blog Type: Technology Blog



  • Has detailed reviews, guides, and tutorials for gadgets and automotives
  • Produces opinions and public service announcements
  • Post helpful entries on how items function and perform


  • Has random pop-up ads
  • Website contains a lot of redirecting advertisements

Based on our observation, YugaTech is the go-to blog for everything about gadgets and automotives. 

What we like most about it is that it gives detailed reviews and first-hand impressions on new releases about cars, phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and more.

Aside from that, they talk about tutorials and guides on how to navigate through gadgets that they review. They even feature a lot of video content so you’ll see exactly what you get if you purchase those items.

We’re also happy that their blog content doesn’t do any hard-selling, but rather focuses on how gadgets or automobiles work. Hence, their blogs are helpful to those who want honest opinions about those products.

We were also impressed that their website has a search button that allows you to navigate through different published articles. Their blog articles also have different tags so you’ll easily be able to find related articles based on your search query.

However, we didn’t like that they had a lot of pop-up ads that redirect you to another site. As a reader, we think that these can be distracting and bothersome.

Nevertheless, we still find their blog site helpful overall because they are among the few technology blog sites in the Philippines with updated and comprehensive content. 

2. Panlasang Pinoy

Panlasang Pinoy Homepage

Website: https://panlasangpinoy.com/

Blog Type: Food Blog



  • Has comprehensive recipes
  • Talks about diet and health
  • Has a good interactive comment section


  • Has a lot of pop-up ads
  • No categorization of blog topics

If you’re a foodie and want to read about food recipes, then Panlasang Pinoy is your best bet.

First of all, we are impressed that it highlights a lot of Filipino and Asian dishes. In their blogs, they usually tackle the food’s origin, recipes, nutritional facts, ingredients, taste, and more.

We also like that they talk about diet and health without pressuring readers to be strict with what they eat. Instead, the blog site recommends healthy and balanced meals for its readers.

If you read their blogs, you’ll also notice their ‘Leave A Reply’ section, where you can rate the recipe through a star ranking system and add your comment. With this, you can also share tips and tricks on how to cook a dish more effectively.

They also include a lot of pictures of the finished product. You can use these as a guide as you do your plating to achieve the same final look.

We also appreciate that they feature video tutorials on selected recipes. We think this will prove to be an easier guide, especially for visual learners.

However, we did find it hard to navigate through their blog because their recipes aren’t categorized. Their posts are only organized according to the latest upload.

As a result, users will have to dig deep if they’re looking for a specific article. Hence, we think their website could use a more user-friendly organizing system.

Because of this, we recommend looking for a specific Panlasang Pinoy recipe on a search engine before proceeding to their website.

We also noticed that they have a lot of pop-up ads. To make things worse, they show up immediately after removing them.

3. When In Manila

Website: https://www.wheninmanila.com/

Blog Type: Lifestyle Blog



  • Has a social media floating sidebar
  • Intensive categorization of different concepts
  • Has a wide range of lifestyle topics


  • Some photos they use are low quality
  • Has a cluttered interface
  • Has redirecting pop-up ads

In case you’re looking for a blog site that talks about everyday entertainment and lifestyle, we highly recommend When In Manila. 

We appreciate that they cover many areas that are divided into subtopics, including food, adventure, parties, style, and more. Hence, it can be helpful as a reference to improve your lifestyle.

In our opinion, they deserve a brownie point for having such a well-organized website. When you click on the topic in the menu bar, you can easily view a list of articles within that category. 

It’s a plus that they have a social media floating sidebar, meaning you can easily share the blog post on your social media accounts.

However, we didn’t like that they have a cluttered interface despite properly categorizing topics. 

It also has a lot of ads which tend to overlap, making difficult to read articles. Aside from that, some ads will take you to third-party websites when clicked. 

Because of this, we believe that this blog site is not for you if you’re saving on data or don’t want annoying ads. 

We also observed that several images they use are of poor quality. As a result, this gives the blog site an unprofessional appearance.

Anyhow, we’re still amazed by When In Manila because they offer good quality written pieces, and they also utilize entertainment articles for advocacies.

4. ClickTheCity

ClickTheCity Homepage

Website: https://www.clickthecity.com/

Blog Type: Lifestyle and Entertainment Blog



  • Has a lot of up-to-date entertainment articles
  • Has a mobile application
  • Clutter-free interface


  • Contains press releases and marketing articles
  • No comment section
  • Sign-in is needed to rate movies and shows

If you’re an avid movie-watcher and want to stay updated with upcoming entertainment releases, we think you’ll like ClickTheCity.

We like that they comprehensively feature entertainment and leisure resources. Aside from that, they also have the most recent information on entertainment schedules and events, such as movies and musicals.

Above all else, we appreciate that they have a mobile application where you can easily navigate through the content you want with a few clicks on your phone.

Among the blog sites on this list, we think they’re the best at managing ads. Their website only has a few which helps make the interface look neat and clutter-free. 

However, we observed that their content contains a lot of press releases and marketing articles. Thus, we think it’s unsuitable for those who want honest reviews and unbiased opinion pieces on movies, shows, or products.

On top of that, we also noticed that their blog site doesn’t have a comment section or other interactive features. Though they have a rating section for movies and shows, you still need to sign in to access them.

That said, we believe they’re quite lacking in engagement on their blog site compared to other blog sites on this list.

5. Lakwatsero

Lakwatsero Homepage

Website: https://www.lakwatsero.com/

Blog Type: Travel Blog



  • Has personalized travel guides
  • Photos are high-quality
  • Easy to use interactive section
  • Has few ads


  • Some articles are not updated
  • Limited content on some provinces

If you’re a frequent traveler and eyeing to explore different parts of the Philippines, we think that Lakwatsero is the best blog site for you.

To start, they have numerous personalized travel guides for everyone who likes to visit tourist destinations in the country. 

We admire their focus on curating opinion peaces rather than simply marketing tourists spots. While there are a couple advertisements here and there, we think it’s tolerable.

We were also amazed by the good quality images that they used. We think this enhances readers’ appreciation for these destinations and encourages them to explore more of the Philippines.

However, we noticed that all their content focuses on opinions about overly hyped and well-known tourist locations. Consequently, we’re dissatisfied that they rarely showcase ecotourism spots that can also cater and benefit from local and international visitors.

In addition, we observed that some of their blog posts aren’t updated. So, if you want to be sure about the most recent costs and rules for the tourist destination, we advise you to double-check with the venue’s respective page or website.

Nevertheless, we still think it’s a good blog site because its interactive features are beginner-friendly. It also allows readers to easily comment if they want to share their experiences in the tourist destination they visited.

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