Best Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines

5 Best Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines

If you want to quit smoking but can’t do it cold turkey, try vaping. It’s a “safer” alternative that gives you the sensation of cigarette smoking but with fewer health risks.

Switching to a vape can be as gradual or as quick as you’d like it to be. The e-juices that come with vaping would have some nicotine content, which you can lower as time goes by.

So if you want to make the switch today, we’re here to help. We’re going to discuss the best vape starter kits in the Philippines to narrow down your choices.

How Much are Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines?

First, let’s go over this. After all, another valid and practical reason to go with vape starter kits in the Philippines would be the cost.

The prices of cigarettes and tobacco products in the country have significantly spiked. In a heartbeat, vaping could present an affordable alternative for hardened smokers.

So if you’re a beginner vaper, it’s better to invest in a starter kit. It will help simplify your first foray into vaping while opening up to possible upgrades in the future.

Everything you’ll need to start blowing fragrant smoke should be in a vape starter kit. Most sellers include a manual so you won’t have to fumble about trying to get one to work.

As for how much one costs, we made sure to include brands that are reasonably priced. As you can see with the selections in the table below, not one brand goes over the ₱2,000 mark.

Geek Vape Lucid 80W & Lumi Mesh Kit₱850
Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit₱2,000
Smok Nord 2 Kit₱1,699
Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit₱1,200
RELX Starter Kit Solar Eclipse Celestial Series₱1,599

Some vape starter kits in the Philippines might come with a bigger or smaller price tag compared to the ones listed above. This is where we’d like to mention that all of the brands in the list are guaranteed authentic and come from legitimate sellers.

The Best Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines

What did we consider when choosing these products? Well, we thought about what kind of vape product each one is, its price and battery life, how it looks and feels, and what comes inside each kit.

Overall, we thought these ones offer the best value for your peso right now.

1.   Geek Vape LUCID 80W & LUMI Mesh Kit

Geek Vape LUCID 80W & LUMI Mesh Kit

Price: ₱850

Product TypeBox mod
MaterialZinc-alloy chassis construction, compatible with nickel, titanium, stainless steel wires, polycarbonate + stainless steel LUMI tank, rubber stopper
Battery PowerSingle high-amp 18650 rechargeable battery (battery not included), micro-USB charging port
Kit Inclusions1 LUCID 80W box mod, 1 LUMI mesh tank, 1 spare parts pack,1 micro USB cable, 1 user manual
DesignPortable, comes in red, blue, black, gunmetal, orange, lightweight at 16g.

A lot of first-time vapers choose this compact and colorful series from Geek Vape to begin their vaping journey. It’s durable, has a pre-installed mesh coil, and is light on the hand, eyes, and pocket.

But as with most things made for beginners, the Geek Vape LUCID 80W & LUMI Mesh Kit has its flaws too. Because it was built to be compact and easy enough to operate for newbies, some of its features could compromise its overall functions.

For starters, the 24mm mesh tank is meant to be disposable. This kind of specification undermines what’s supposed to be the “greener” alternative to cigarette or tobacco smoking.

This also means that if there’s something wrong with the mesh coil, you can’t get the tank apart to repair or clean it. You’ll have to toss it out and get yourself a new one altogether, which just seems like a waste.


  • ight and portable for most hand and pocket sizes
  • A truly affordable vape starter kit
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors


  • Not made for modification
  • Does not include battery

Customer Reviews

See if the Geek Vape LUCID 80W & LUMI Mesh Kit is the best choice for you:

“I’m a fan of Geek Vape. I wanted something small portable and cheap that wasn’t a pod system for work. This was perfect disposable tank was fine the mod I actually enjoy using when it was time to throw the tank away I decided to throw a Blitzen on it. The Blitzen is top-heavy on it but fits my pocket nicely as a great little combo with a single-coil setup.” – Patrick C.

“It’s really good for someone who’s new to this like me. It’s easy to use, and small.” – Kelsey H.

2.   Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit

Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit

Price: ₱2,000.00

Product TypePod mod kit
MaterialAlloy & leather patch construction
Battery PowerRequires single 18650 battery (battery not included), USB-C fast charging
Kit Inclusions1 Voopoo Drag X pod mod device (no cell), 1 Voopoo Drag X Pod (4.5ml), 1 0.15ohm PnP-VM6 mesh coil, 1 0.3ohm PnP-VM1 mesh coil, 1 Type-C cable, 1 warranty card, 1 user manual, 1 chip card
DesignAnti-scratch, sweatproof, smudge-resistant body, visible LED display, limited edition designs, lightweight and ergonomic

The Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit makes it not just to most vape starter kit lists, but also to many veteran vapers’ lists. Its price tag is heftier than most but there are plenty of good reasons for this.

It’s very similar in looks to its Drag S predecessor but it’s longer by a few millimeters. The overall look and feel are definitely masculine and durable thanks to its leather and alloy build.

There’s also a wider range with this model when it comes to the desired airflow. In contrast to just two options in previous models, there’s a new customizable airflow design with this one using a sliding function.

The Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit is also one of the rare vape starters to integrate a USB-C port for faster charging. This is a great feature for those who can’t do without a fully charged vape wherever they may be.


  • Allows adjustable airflow with a single flick
  • Faster charging with USB-C port
  • Bigger and easier-to-read LED screen
  • Comes in fun colors and limited edition designs


  • Does not include battery
  • Slightly more expensive than other vape starter kits
  • Sells out quickly

Customer Reviews

Find out how users of the Voopoo Drag X Pod Kit like their purchase:

“This mod fits perfectly in hand and required little to no effort to find and fire. The fire button is shaped inwards and doesn’t sit much above the rest of the mod. Minimal accidental firing, however, it did occur… If I was picking up too many things at once. The leather is comfortable on the hands and the screen is easy to read and use. Airflow control is very easily customizable with the slide function.” – HappyyCloudz

“The biggest pro for the device other than its build quality and looks is its performance giving a fantastic reliable vape. I’m sure the fire button has an eye and can see my finger approaching it fires that quickly and I also noticed a spike in power for the first 0.5 seconds before giving a stable vape at set wattage, this spike along with the insanely quick-firing response gives the effect (i know many don’t like the phrase but I’m going to use it anyway) of hitting hard which is what many a vaper looks for in a device, I found the Gene chip slightly tamed with the Drag 2 but it’s back kicking ass!” – Timwis123

3.   Smok Nord 2 Kit

Smok Nord 2 Kit

Price: ₱1,699.00

Product TypePod kit
MaterialZinc-alloy construction, silicone stopper
Battery PowerMicro-USB charging, 1500mAh integrated battery
Kit Inclusions1 SMOK Nord 2 device, 1RPM Pod (RPM 0.4ohm coil preinstalled), 1 Nord 2 Pod (Nord 0.8ohm coil preinstalled), 1 USB cable, 1 user manual
DesignOLED display, rounded edges, ergonomic mouthpiece, easy to pocket and hold, 9 designs to choose from

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The SMOK Nord 2 kit begs to differ with its improvements that are both functional and ornamental.

A cursory glance tells you it looks uncannily like its predecessor. A closer look, though, tells you it’s gained some weight and an OLED display while upping the ante on color and design combinations.

The chunkier silhouette is due to the OLED screen that gives vapers all the info on battery life, number of puffs, and wattage they need. However, there’s also a downside to this added feature.

You see, when you remove the pod, you’ll also be resetting the puff counter. Still, that’s a relatively minor issue.

As for battery life, that’s another great improvement with this upgraded Nord model. 

The previous 1100mAH has been replaced with a larger-capacity 1500mAH integrated battery. This accommodates longer vaping pleasure without worrying about recharging all the time.


  • Integrated battery for longer vaping time
  • Two pods in one kit
  • OLED display for puff counts, wattage, battery life


  • E-juice levels not easily discernible
  • The puff counter resets when the pod is removed
  • Shares same configurations as previous models but chunkier

Customer Reviews

If you’ve got the SMOK Nord 2 kit shortlisted, read some customer feedback first:

“This is by far one of the best products I’ve ever purchased. My Smok Vape has been dropped on every hard surface there is and from far distances and not a crack, break or even change in its working capability. The battery lasts forever and I’ve even accidentally dropped it in my sink while I was doing dishes dried it out and was still working like a champ. I’ve purchased several other vapes and they haven’t lasted my lifestyle a week. This one should be the top-rated vape out there.” – Robbi Daniel

“Smok finally did something correctly! Rejoice! Nord 2 has taken all the bad things from Nord and completely eradicated them. First and foremost, the IQ-N chip alongside the screen with adjustable wattage from 1-40W is a godsend whether you plan to use it for NicSalts or regular nicotine juices. My best setting is 20-30W which is by default +5W over the Nord at full charge.” – makewowgreatagain11

4.   Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit

Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit

Price: ₱1,200

Product TypePod kit
MaterialAluminum alloy, PCTG
Battery Power1.5A USB Type-C charging, built-in 690mAh battery with max 15W output
Kit Inclusions1 Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit, 2 Caliburn G coil 0.8, 1 Uwell Caliburn pod cartridge, 1 USB Type-C cable, 1 user manual
DesignLightweight at 60g., tactile ridge design, bigger mouthpiece, slim silhouette

The original Caliburn has been well-received by vaping fanatics for its attributes. But here comes its offshoot, the Uwell Caliburn G Pod System kit, attempting to impress even first-time vapers.

Looks-wise, it’s decidedly one of the more minimalist and streamlined ones we’ve seen so far. The series texture and palette are muted but carry a lot of color choices, which is a plus.

Battery life-wise, there’s really nothing to complain about because it’s now twice the size of the original Caliburn. Even if you’re running low, you can easily charge it without fretting about losing some precious cloud-chasing moments.

There’s also a crystal-clear pod that allows you to see how much e-juice is left. This is a small yet vital design feature that helps vapers even without a screen indicator integrated into its design.


  • Internal rechargeable battery for faster charging
  • Dual airflow allows fuller flavor
  • Good color palette options


  • Can only hold small amounts of e-juice (2ml.)
  • Coils aren’t pre-installed
  • The drip tip is a bit hard to remove

Customer Reviews

These customers have only good things to say about the Uwell Caliburn G Pod System kit:

“Very good pod system. Worthy successor of Caliburn. Coils are great in taste. It is very well processed.” [email protected]

“The Caliburn G is fantastic, definitely better than the previous! Would 100% recommend!” – Jack

5.   RELX Starter Kit Solar Eclipse Celestial Series

RELX Starter Kit Solar Eclipse Celestial Series

Price: ₱1,599

Product TypeVape pen
MaterialFEELM ceramic coil
Battery PowerCharges in 45 minutes, micro-USB, 350mAH, one full day with heavy usage
Kit Inclusions1 RELX vape device, 1 RELX pod mint, 1 micro-USB, 1 user manual
DesignExtremely lightweight at 17g., 3 Celestial colors, oil-proof, double-sealed leak-resistant pod design, LED indicator

It already has “starter kit” in its name, but there are other reasons this model made it to our list. The RELX Starter Kit Solar Eclipse Celestial Series has even become popular among veteran vapers, in fact.

It’s an all-in-one vaping device that doesn’t require complex assembly instructions. The battery and the pod pieces are all you need to start vaping your heart out.

The downside to this is that the pod needs to be disposed of once you’re out of e-juice. The pod itself can only hold around 2ml. of liquid so it’s possible to go through a lot of them in a short time.

Still, that’s around 600 to 650 puffs per pod, which is a decent amount (comparable to around three cigarette packs). For the most part, this sleek device makes a worthy first-time vape for anyone.


  • Lightweight and portable vape pen for everyday use
  • Convenient USB charging


  • Non-refillable
  • Sells out fast

Customer Reviews

Learn how past customers liked their RELX Starter Kit Solar Eclipse Celestial Series experience:

“So many choices!had a hard time choosing with this one. RELX offers so many beautiful choices! I went with the Tiffany Turquoise Blue!” – Claire Thorn

“New fave device! Switched from JUUL, RELX is superior.” – Jake Garr

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