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Top Home-Based Online Jobs for Filipinos

Top 15 High-Income Home-Based Online Jobs for Filipinos

It’s now easier than ever to establish a fulfilling home-based online career in the Philippines. With the wealth of information available at the moment, it’s the perfect time to explore the opportunities this work scenario provides. Not all home-based jobs are alike, of course. Each one is unique and requires particular skills and qualifications — it’s up to you to pick the one that best fits you. Thankfully, a diverse range of jobs is available online. You’ll need to consider which of them is best suited for your career path, experience, knowledge, and income requirements. The Pros and Cons of…

Best Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines

5 Best Vape Starter Kits in the Philippines

If you want to quit smoking but can’t do it cold turkey, try vaping. It’s a “safer” alternative that gives you the sensation of cigarette smoking but with fewer health risks. Switching to a vape can be as gradual or as quick as you’d like it to be. The e-juices that come with vaping would have some nicotine content, which you can lower as time goes by. So if you want to make the switch today, we’re here to help. We’re going to discuss the best vape starter kits in the Philippines to narrow down your choices. How Much are…

Best Budget Microphones for Streaming in the Philippines

5 Best Budget Microphones for Streaming in the Philippines

You might think of streaming as a visual medium but audio plays a big role in it, too. That’s why the streamers who can be seen and heard with utmost clarity are the most memorable. If you’re just getting into the media, we’re here to give you a hand. Today, we’re discussing some of the best budget microphones for streaming in the Philippines. Whether it’s for live streaming, podcasts, video games, instructional vids, or vlogging tutorials, you’ll need a mic that won’t suddenly give up on you. Of course, we’ll also need to consider the budget you’ll set aside for…

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds in the Philippines

5 Best Budget Wireless Earbuds in the Philippines

We’ve entered an age when practically everything can be done with a series of clicks. Your fingertips can switch a gadget on and off, adjust the volume, take a call, connect itself to the Internet, and keep you entertained for hours. What used to be peripherals for traditional classrooms and board rooms have now become primary communication tools, too. Along with laptops, wireless earphones are current must-haves for students and office workers. Don’t worry if it’s your first time investing in a pair of earpieces. Today, we’re featuring the best budget wireless earbuds in the Philippines primarily for use in…