Top 5 Affordable DSLR Cameras in the Philippines
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Top 5 Affordable DSLR Cameras in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Top Affordable DSLR Cameras in the Philippines


We picked pocket-friendly DSLR cameras that provide great value for money.


The DSLR cameras we chose feature over 18 megapixels, providing excellent photo and video quality.

Ease of Use

We selected DSLR cameras that are beginner-friendly and do not involve complicated setups.

Unique Specs

We included DSLR cameras that have distinct specifications for improved camera use.

1. Canon EOS 3000D

Canon EOS 3000D
PricePhp 26,998
Resolution18-megapixel APS-C-size CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor
LensEF S18-55 DC III
Warranty12 months

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency4/5
Camera Quality4.7/5
Video Settings4.2/5
Ease of Use4.6/5
Unique Specs4/5


  • Has a 7.5-centimeter screen with a resolution of 920,000 pixels
  • Can be connected to HDMI
  • Compatible with a lot of lenses
  • Has 12 months local warranty


  • Average low light performance
  • Screen is sometimes not visible under direct sunlight

If you’re looking for a versatile DSLR camera, then we highly recommend the Canon EOS 3000D.

Firstly, we like that it is compatible with a wide range of lenses including 55-250 mm, 24mm, 35 mm, and even 50 mm. With this, you can explore and handpick lenses that you will need for your different photography projects.

Similar to other Canon cameras on this list, it can be connected through its app Canon Connect, where you can access your photos and videos instantly via WiFi.

We’re even impressed that it can be connected with HDMI, which allows you to connect it directly to TVs, laptops, and computers. You can also use the DSLR camera as your webcam in case you have important online meetings to attend.

As this allows you to have good-quality video and connect it real-time on other devices, we recommend it for live streamers who need an affordable DSLR camera. It’s an advantage that it has a large screen as well. 

The 7.5-centimeter screen is also a good feature since you can easily see your subject even when you’re far.

However, when it is directly under the sun, you can barely see the screen, which is a bit disappointing.

When tested, we also noticed that images have a lot of noise when shot at night, revealing its average low-light performance. 

That said, you may need to purchase additional flash if you’re intending to use it in photoshoots to control the light and produce a better outcome.

Nevertheless, it’s still one of our top-notchers because it has a 12-month store warranty.

Canon also offers an additional 2 years of warranty for those who register the camera on the Canon Red App, so you can definitely get your money’s worth.

2. Canon EOS 4000D

Canon EOS 4000D
PricePhp 17,950
Resolution18.0 effective megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
LensLens EF-S 18-55 DC III
WarrantyNo supplier warranty but has 2 years Canon warranty if registered in Canon Red

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews3.5/5
Score Consistency4.3/5
Camera Quality4.6/5
Video Settings4.2/5
Ease of Use4.5/5
Unique Specs4/5


  • Most affordable DSLR camera in this list
  • Has few buttons


  • On-board flash needs to be manually folded up 
  • Has a plastic bayonet

If you want the cheapest branded DLSR camera, then we think you should go for Canon EOS 4000d. 

We like that for only 17,950 pesos, you can already get a good quality camera with an 18-megapixel resolution and an APS-C CMOS sensor. 

We enjoy that it has few buttons, which makes it ideal for DLSR beginners. To turn it on, you should use the program selector wheel as it doesn’t have an additional button specifically for that.

Similar to other Canon cameras on this list, the Canon EOS 4000d’s ISO can also be expanded up to 12800. So if you’re still learning to use manual settings, you can easily set-up more or less light for your preferred shutter speed or aperture setting.

Because of this, you can also have more control over the images you take, like decreasing visible noise in your photograph.

You may notice that it has some similar specifications to other Canon cameras on this list. However, there are also differences that are notable in terms of the longevity of your camera.

With Canon EOS 4000d, you only get a plastic bayonet or mount which is slightly less durable than the ones made of metal. Thus, you may possibly encounter common breakage of the plastic mount.

We also noticed that the on-board flash may also be challenging to use because you don’t have the switch to automatically turn it off or on. To use the flash, you should flip it on manually which needs careful hands.

3. Canon EOS 2000D

Canon EOS 2000D
PricePhp 19,720
Resolution24.20 megapixels APS-C sensor
Lens18-55 III lens
WarrantyNo supplier warranty but has 2 years Canon warranty if registered in Canon Red

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews3.2/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Camera Quality4.7/5
Video Settings4.3/5
Ease of Use4.7/5
Unique Specs4/5


  • Battery can power a shoot of up to 500 photos
  • Has a custom second option for self-shoot
  • Has image stabilization feature
  • Can be connected to HDMI


  • No 4k video
  • Has a fixed screen

If you want an all-around low-budget camera, we believe that the Canon EOS 2000D is suitable for you. 

When taking photos, its image stabilization feature is notable as the results look as if it was taken in a steady position. Compared to other items on this list, we think that this one has the best potential in terms of taking action photos.

It’s a plus that it can take up to 500 photos with its 800 mAh battery, which is already comparable with others that have more than 1000 mAh batteries. Therefore, we recommend this for people who travel frequently.

Additionally, it is compact and only weighs around 475 g, so we suppose it will not be a burden when traveling.

We’re also happy that it has a custom second option when you’re self-shooting so you can choose how long you want it to take before it shoots the photo or video. 

Similar to the Canon EOS 3000D, this one can also be connected to HDMI where you can easily present the photos or videos directly from the camera. You can also use this as a substitute webcam, which is hugely beneficial for us. 

However, we noticed that it cannot take 4k videos, and full HD video is only at 30fps. So if you’re a video enthusiast, this may not be for you. 

It also has a fixed screen so you will not see it when the camera is facing you. That said, we think it’s not a suitable DSLR camera for vloggers. 

4. Pentax K-70 

Pentax K-70
PricePhp 38,790
Resolution24.2 megapixels
Lens18-55 mm
Warranty30 days

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Amazon Reviews Score4.8/5
B&H Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Camera Quality4.9/5
Video Settings4.5/5
Ease of Use4.8/5
Unique Specs4.9/5


  • 24.2 MP resolution
  • Has a touch screen display
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant, and cold-proof
  • Has a movable screen


  • Expensive
  • Continuous autofocus in videos
  • Equipped with a K-mount

If what you’re searching for is a durable camera, then Pentax K-70 is your best bet. 

It boasts a thorough weather-sealing system, which we think is the most suitable for outdoor photographers. 

Among others, this is the only one that is dust-proof and cold-proof, which emphasizes its ability to have a longer life span. Its design is also weather-resistant so it can endure brief exposure to the elements such as sun, rain, and wind.

We especially like its 24.2 MP resolution, which is adequate for high-quality printing and display on digital devices.

We’re likewise impressed with the touchscreen display, as it enables you to easily use it without pressing a lot of hard buttons.

The touch screen also allows you to look into your photos and videos with just a few slides of your finger instead of constantly clicking in the multi-selector. 

We also appreciate that the screen can be moved, making it suitable for vloggers.

Similar to other cameras on this list, it can be connected to smartphones or tablets via WiFi connection through Pentax’s application, Image Sync.

However, in terms of performance, we observed that videos tend to autofocus quite a lot. 

Added to this, Pentax K-70 uses a K-mount which has few compatible lenses available since the market is now saturated with EF or F mounts. 

All in all, we still like the Pentax K-70 despite being more expensive because it performs quite well even with just its default 18-55 mm lens. 

5. Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500
PricePhp 38,450
Resolution24.2 megapixels
Lens18-55 mm

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Amazon Reviews Score4.8/5
B&H Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Camera Quality4.8/5
Video Settings4.5/5
Ease of Use4.9/5
Unique Specs4.6/5


  • Has 24.2 MP camera
  • Can continuously shoot at 5fps
  • Has automatic Bluetooth file transfer
  • Has a guide mode


  • Slow image transfer
  • No input for an external microphone

If you want an easy-to-navigate DSLR camera, we think that Nikon D3500 is a good fit.

Based on our assessment, it is simple to use for beginners because it has a shooting mode that acts as a fully interactive introduction to photography and various camera settings. 

The D3500’s controls are also straightforward, so we think it’s the most novice-friendly among the cameras on this list.

For the quality, it’s admirable that it has a 24.2 MP resolution and can continuously shoot videos at 5fps. With these specifications, we think that it’s a steal for its price because some counterparts that have similar specs are generally more expensive.

We’re happy that it has an automatic Bluetooth file transfer where you can access your files even with low-end phones. That said, we’re a bit disappointed that it doesn’t have WiFi connectivity disabling it to be controlled remotely. 

When used, we noticed that the image transfer is slower compared to other cameras. It takes a few seconds before it can process the photo so you may need to be used to buffer times for this one.

Compared to its similarly-priced counterparts, this one doesn’t have microphone input. Thus, you may need to invest in separate sound recorders if ever you’ll try videography.

Above all else, in spite of some lacking capabilities, we still think that Nikon D3500 is a wise investment for DSLR newbies. 

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