Best Budget Microphones for Streaming in the Philippines

5 Best Budget Microphones for Streaming in the Philippines

You might think of streaming as a visual medium but audio plays a big role in it, too. That’s why the streamers who can be seen and heard with utmost clarity are the most memorable.

If you’re just getting into the media, we’re here to give you a hand. Today, we’re discussing some of the best budget microphones for streaming in the Philippines.

Whether it’s for live streaming, podcasts, video games, instructional vids, or vlogging tutorials, you’ll need a mic that won’t suddenly give up on you. Of course, we’ll also need to consider the budget you’ll set aside for it.  

How Much are Budget Microphones in the Philippines?

We’re going to assume that streaming is a hobby or passion that you’ll eventually want to monetize. With that, you’re going to need reliable tools that won’t break the bank.

Sure, you can opt to buy the cheapest streaming mics in any e-commerce platform for under a thousand pesos. But give it a couple of months (or weeks) and you’ll likely need to have it replaced.

It’s good to get a reliable microphone that suits your budget and won’t interrupt your streaming activities. We’ve handpicked some of the best ones used by other streamers who swear by their good qualities.

Some of these best budget microphones for streaming in the Philippines could initially cost more than other peripherals. But you can rest assured they’ve been selected for practical reasons so you’ll know they’re good investments.

TONOR Computer Condenser USB Microphone₱4,860.00
Blue Yeti Nano₱8,016.00
Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic₱8,600.00
Stilnend USB Streaming Microphone Kit₱7,012.00
SUDOTACK Professional Condenser Microphone₱8,990.00

Please note that the costs of the microphone selections above are pre-sale prices. If you find them steep at the moment, they could still have significant discounts when electronic online shops hold sales and promos.

The Best Budget Microphones for Streaming in the Philippines

Now it’s time to take a look at these selected streaming microphones’ vital stats. We’ve narrowed them down to the six qualities that make them the best choices for us.

1.   TONOR Computer Condenser USB Microphone

TONOR Computer Condenser USB Microphone

Price: ₱4,860.00

Audio QualityNoise cancelation, audio isolation, broad dynamic range, cardioid mode
Connection MethodUSB technology, plug and play
PortabilitySmall enough to fit in most set-ups and desks, full 180-degree motion, lengthy 5-foot USB cable
VersatilityGood for streaming, some gaming, and most messaging platforms
DurabilityPlastic and metal grill microphone, solid metal shock-resistant stand
InclusionsMicrophone, pop filter, tripod desk stand, shock mount, service card, foam windscreen, manual, power cord

Many streamers regard the TONOR Computer Condenser USB microphone as the little streaming mic that could. Price-wise, it’s one of the most affordable while packing a punch in its highly portable frame.

Being a condenser type makes it an apt choice to stream rich and clear vocals. This is perfect if you do a lot of instructions or reviews — and yes, even if you break out in song now and then.

At just 9 inches tall, it’s a true desktop streaming mic that comes with its own shock mount to help remove vibrations. There’s also a pop filter on a flexible gooseneck attachment to help minimize sharp sounds you might make while talking.

It’s a true plug-and-play streaming microphone because there’s no need for complicated assembly. The TONOR USB mic’s compatibility with a broad range of software makes it a clear choice as a first streaming microphone.


  • Plug-and-play convenience
  • Great value for its price
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and PlayStation 4


  • Not compatible with Xbox, iPad, and phones
  • No mute button on the mic itself

Customer Reviews

See how customers who got the TONOR Computer Condenser USB Microphone liked their purchase:

“I got this kit because I needed one for my other Gaming set up, I figure ok audio is enough,

but with this mic, you get crispy clear audio. In short words, is it worth it? heck yeah. Built quality is top-notch. cons: I find no purpose for the front buttons on the actual mic. Final thoughts: it’s a great product, great price can’t go wrong.” – Tek

“Great starter kit for streaming or YouTube! Let me start out by saying I am very picky when it comes to microphones, I have been doing content creation for youtube and twitch for over 5 years. That being said, this mic really surprised me. It has a great sound to it, the lows sound clean and not muddy, the highs are nice and clear and for a Condenser Microphone it picks up very little background noise which is simply impressive at this price point. My viewers have compared it to the sound quality of mics twice its price such as the Blue Yeti and honestly, I agree.” – NeoCrypter

2.   Blue Yeti USB

Blue Yeti USB

Price: ₱8,016.00

Audio QualityCardioid, bidirectional, stereo and Omni modes, THX certified, noise cancelation
Connection MethodUSB technology, plug and play
PortabilityMeant for desktops, weighs around 1.39 pounds, lengthy 6-foot cable
VersatilityGood for streaming, podcasting, gaming, messaging platforms
DurabilitySolid metal microphone
InclusionsSherpa software control download, mic stand, microphone, USB cable

The Blue Yeti USB boasts of being the first THX-certified microphone. This alone could explain why it’s a bit pricier than other streaming mics.

It might look like a smaller version of a professional recording studio mic, but it’s still a USB microphone through and through. Unfortunately, this means you might have a hard time finding a shock mount given its irregularly rounded dimensions.

But there are more reasons to give this one a second look starting with the overall sound quality it offers. It’s a condenser mic that’s great for voiceover work and recording podcasts provided you try to minimize as much background noise as possible.

This USB mic offers four polar pattern settings for everything from webinars to interviewing someone one on one. The customizable modes it offers include cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo.


  • Plug and play convenience
  • Great speech accuracy and fidelity
  • Four polar pattern modes
  • Built-in knobs for headphone volume, mute, and gains control


  • Heavier than other “portable” mics
  • Shock mount not included

Customer Reviews

Some happy Blue Yeti USB customers want you to know their thoughts about it:

“Best USB Microphone ever! While podcasting would be fun, one overlooked use is for dictation. I use Dragon on my Mac. I have spent over $1,000 fruitlessly on microphones from Samson, Phillips SpeechMike, Plantronics, and many others. NONE of them are consistent. The Yeti, on the other hand, is a very high fidelity microphone, it has tunable directionality, and maintains balance when even significantly off-axis. I set it on my desk and can dictate with the best fidelity and accuracy I have ever experienced with Dragon. Dragon now is actually useful. And…it looks way cool on my desk!” – Stephen Denagy

“Now this has to be the best mic for streaming radio stations. The best I have run into. The one feature we love is the headphone jack built into the mic. If you ever tried to stream through a Windows pc you will notice a delay between your live voice and what goes through the mic. Most radio DJs use headphones when going live. If you have a .5 to 1-second delay this can really mess you up. There is no delay when you plug your headphones directly into the mic. The Blue mic seems to be built very well and the sound quality also seems very good. So far so good. The Blue Yeti is Hot Hitz Radio’s main mic now!” – ReliaStream

3.   Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Price: ₱8,600.00

Audio QualityCardioid mode, Skype and Discord certified, mid-range heavy sound
Connection MethodUSB technology, plug and play
PortabilityMeant for desktops, lightweight at just a little over 1 pound
VersatilityGood for streaming, podcasting, gaming, messaging platforms
DurabilityPlastic microphone shell, metal grill
InclusionsMicrophone, tripod stand, USB cable

This uniquely shaped, lightweight USB microphone is both Skype and Discord certified. That means it’s supposed to perform optimally during conference calls and virtual meetings.

However, it’s a condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and nothing else. It doesn’t come with a pop filter so be mindful of those “P’s” and other popping noises when you talk and record.

Another common complaint about this USB mic is the flimsiness of its material. The microphone’s shell and tripod are made mostly of plastic, with several customers reporting easily-snapped off legs.

Overall, it’s a decent-sounding and distinctive-looking desktop microphone that’s highly portable for any indoor recording or talking application. For what it currently offers, though, its price tag is a bit steep compared to others with wider operation modes and included accessories.


  • Truly portable at just over 1 pound
  • Great for podcast recordings
  • Higher price tag compared to others


  • Shock mount not included
  • Flimsy tripod legs
  • No headphone ports

Customer Reviews

See how the Blue Snowball iCE fared as a streaming USB microphone for these users:

“I LOVE this microphone. And even though I already loved it, it got 200% better when I got a boom arm that clamps the desk and puts the Snowball mic next to my face. Got a pop filter too. Now I can record super clear sound… it even sounds pretty good with my laptop fan running and AC running the background (I remove background noise with Audacity).” – canteenfamily

“I got this mic for singing and I know many musicians are searching for this review so here I am. Sound quality is lovely, super easy to use and I haven’t found anything to complain about. You can hear the audio yourself in the video. If you are looking for a mic on a budget then I 100% recommend getting this one!” – Nia Fulminare

4.   Stilnend USB Streaming Microphone Kit

Stilnend USB Streaming Microphone Kit

Price: ₱7,012.00

Audio QualityCardioid mode, blocks out background noise
Connection MethodUSB technology, plug and play
PortabilityMeant for desktops at 6 inches, 270-degree mic flexibility, 180-degree adjustable stand
VersatilityGood for streaming, podcasting, gaming, messaging platforms
DurabilitySteel microphone and shock mount, steel scissor arm
InclusionsCondenser mic, adjustable scissor arm, stand, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, USB-B to USB-A cable

Thus far, we’ve featured the best budget microphones for streaming in the Philippines. This time, we want to throw in a USB mic that’s also good for recording music in a home setting.

The Stilnend USB Streaming Microphone kit throws in all the stuff you need to do some vocal recordings. It does a great job for podcasts, voice-overs, and narrations while being a decent set-up for recording music-making and singing.

The kit throws in a metal shock mount to prevent vibrations. There’s also a pop filter to lessen air pressure from taking over the recording.

To adjust the pop filter to the mouth range, a steel scissors arm is available with your Stilnend kit. But it’s not meant to be used for surfaces thicker than your average computer desk so you might have to do some tinkering for it to work.


  • Features volume and echo knobs on the mic
  • Good price tag for what it offers
  • Includes a pop filter and shock mount


  • Not compatible with Xbox
  • Needs a special adaptor to connect to phones
  • Steel scissor arm can’t accommodate thicker desks

Customer Reviews

Thinking of getting a Stilnend USB Streaming Microphone kit for yourself? Read what others have to say about it:

“My fiancee is always messing on the computer with making music. I picked up a USB microphone for him before but then I saw this and thought it was a great kit. He’s been able to record different things and noted that the sound quality was just what he was looking for. The mount works well and can be fastened to his desk or to the bar countertop in the kitchen where he can use his laptop. It’s a good value for this product and easily packs down and stores when not in use. Setup is under 3 minutes.” – Jennifer Watson

“First off, there is always a better one on the market. But for the price I paid, I got decent sound recording quality. I like this Stilnend starter microphone kit, for my podcasts. For the price, it’s an excellent microphone. I found that the clamp for the arm did not fit on a thick dining room table, so I had to use it on a regular standard table instead. Only complaint I have is adjusting the position but that is user error rather than product error. I Would highly recommend this set for somebody on a budget or getting into their first set. Overall, great bang for your buck.” – Jor El

5.   SUDOTACK Professional Condenser Microphone

SUDOTACK Professional Condenser Microphone

Price: ₱8,990.00

Audio QualityCardioid mode, audio isolation, background noise muting
Connection MethodUSB technology, plug and play
PortabilityMeant for desktops, a bit hefty at 3.61 pounds
VersatilityGood for streaming, podcasting, gaming, messaging platforms
DurabilityMetal microphone, plastic stand
InclusionsCondenser mic, microphone desktop stand, metal shock mount, pop filter, USB A to B cable, anti-wind foam screen

The SUDOTACK Professional Condenser Microphone is the most expensive item on this list because it’s not primarily meant for beginners. In fact, it’s a favorite among many YouTubers and screen recorders.

It comes packed to the rafters with peripherals you will likely need for recording or streaming. You have your pop filter to lessen the popping P’s, an anti-wind cap, and a sturdy shock mount to keep vibrations to a minimum.

It helps mute background noise while focusing on the main audio, thanks to its cardioid pattern. Some users swear that its recording capacity is almost comparable to that of a professional studio.

But like a real studio, you might have to invest in a sturdy table or recording surface. This model is over three pounds heavy without the shock mount, pop filter, and desktop stand.


  • Includes a pop filter and shock mount
  • 24bit/192khz for a high-res recording experience


  • Higher price tag compared to others
  • Heavier at almost 4 pounds

Customer Reviews

These SUDOTACK Professional Condenser Microphone users seem to have found their new favorite streaming mic:

“This mic just makes your voice sound nice and smooth right out of the box, and that’s with no post-processing. Great for podcasts and live streams. If you want to use this for voice-overs just adding a touch of EQ and this sounds as good as my Blue Spark, which is more expensive. This is my favorite new mic because it’s just so easy to plug it in and just rock. This is a solid little mic, literally, all-metal build this thing was built to last.” – Tammy S.

“I needed a condenser mic for video conferencing during the quarantine. I settled on this mic after several youtube reviews making comparisons for these styles of plug-ins via simple USB. There is nothing to download. The arm is sturdy and has a few adjusters to get the mic in the right position. The mic itself is heavy and durable. The only thing I didn’t like was that the holder for the actual mic is plastic. I thought it would be metal, but alas can’t be too picky on a fair-budgeted condenser! Overall, it’s got superb sound and works well with Windows 10. Literally, plug and play. The pop filter was a plus. I didn’t experience any type of noise feedback when recording. The mounting bracket for the desk takes a little time to position properly but with patience, it all works out fine and holds up well considering the weight of the mic.” – M. V.

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