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Best Budget Gaming Phones in the Philippines

The 5 Best Budget Gaming Phones in the Philippines

If you want to run your favorite games without having to carry around a heavy laptop, a gaming phone is your best bet. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market, and high performance no longer has to equate to high prices. A top-of-the-line iPhone or Samsung isn’t necessary to enjoy smooth gameplay on a mobile device, as you’ll see here. Ahead, we list the best budget gaming phones in the Philippines, but let’s start with price points first! How Much Do Budget Gaming Phones Cost in the Philippines? There’s no question about it, people’s collective love for gaming…

Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

The 6 Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

From baking banana bread to whipping up frothy coffee foam, many of us have kindled a newfound love affair with our kitchens since the start of the pandemic. The massive interest in air frying among Filipinos partly due to this. Convenient and innovative, air frying has changed the way many Filipinos prepare their home-cooked dishes. However, not all appliances are made equal, so we’re chiming in to round up the best air fryers in the Philippines today. How Much Do Air Fryers Cost in the Philippines Before anything else, let’s talk pesos! Catering to households of all sizes, there are…