The 5 Best Multi-Purpose Blenders in the Philippines
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The 5 Best Multi-Purpose Blenders in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Multi-Purpose Blenders in the Philippines


We chose multi-purpose blenders that are affordable and provide good value for money.


We included multi-purpose blenders that are energy-efficient, considering the wattage and power they utilize for a lower energy cost.


We selected multi-purpose blenders that can accommodate large volumes.


We picked multi-purpose blenders that have various specs that can be used for different purposes.

1. Philips HR2041/10

Philips HR204110
PricePhp 1,999
Energy Consumption450 W
Capacity1 L
Warranty2 years

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Shopee Reviews Score4.8/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews3.7/5
Score Consistency4/5
– Cost Effectiveness3.5/5
– Affordability3/5
– Versatility4/5
– Unique Features3/5


  • Large capacity
  • Has sturdy steel blades
  • Equipped with suction feet
  • Comes with a mill blender


  • Only has 1 speed setting
  • Jar is made of plastic

If you are looking for a heavy-duty blender that can be used every day, then Philips HR2041/10 is your best bet. 

It has a 1-liter effective capacity and the jar can fit up to 1.9 liters of ingredients. This is ideal for families or groups of friends living together.

Based on our assessment, it also has strong steel blades that can even crush ice. This is ideal for people who want to try halo-halo or other shaved ice recipes in the comfort of their homes.

We also like that it has suction feet, which enables it to not vibrate. With this, you can avoid spillage and accidents especially if you have children around your house.

In terms of performance, it features ProBlend technology which maintains the smooth consistency of ingredients. 

For a better puree-like consistency, you can also use the mill attachment that it comes with. We recommend using the mill for dry ingredients and for baby food and sauces. 

Despite being heavy-duty, we admire that it doesn’t overheat. And since it has a special sensor, the motor maintains its good performance without heating up. 

However, this blender only comes with one speed and one pulse setting. So, you can only adjust the result based on the duration when you blend.

Additionally, the jar is made up of plastic, which is disappointing because it makes it less sturdy compared its glass counterparts. Nonetheless, you can still buy replacement parts for it.

2. Simplus 3-in1 Multi-function Blender

Simplus 3-in1 Multi-function Blender
PricePhp 1,399
Energy Consumption380 W
Capacity500 mL (grinding cup, and meat bowl), 1.25 L (juicer)
Warranty1 year

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Shopee Reviews Score4.8/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews3.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
– Cost Effectiveness4.9/5
– Affordability4.8/5
– Versatility4.9/5
– Unique Features4.7/5


  • Can be used for wet and dry ingredients
  • Has non-slip foot pads
  • Has an invisible switch in lock position
  • Equipped with three cups


  • Has a plastic body
  • Only has 2 speed gears

If you’re looking for an affordable multi-purpose blender, the Simplus 3-in1 Multi-function Blender is a good option.

It features three different cups that can be used for different purposes. This includes a meat grinder, juicer, and pulverizer.

For us, it is a good investment because it can be an alternative to having multiple appliances at home. Additionally, it uses a 380 W powerful motor that can cut preparation time and increase efficiency.

We like that it can be used as a food processor because its meat grinder can also grind vegetables and dry ingredients. It can also be a pulverizer, which can help break down seasonings, grains, and beans.

With its multi-functionality, we recommend this for smaller homes that don’t have as much countertop space for multiple appliances. Apart from making prep time more convenient, it is a great space-saver.

In terms of design, we admire its classy look with non-slip foot pads that prevent it from vibrating and skidding. It also has an invisible switch in the lock position to avoid accidents when not correctly assembled.

However, we didn’t like its plastic body because it makes it feel less durable than other blenders taht are made of glass.

Additionally, we didn’t like how limited its two speed gears were. With this, you may find it difficult to modify the setting, and you may need to check the consistency of the ingredients from time to time.

3. Imarflex Immersion Blender

Imarflex Immersion Blender
PricePhp 1,860
Energy Consumption600 W
Capacity750 mL
Warranty1 year

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.4/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
– Cost Effectiveness4/5
– Affordability3.2/5
– Versatility5/5
– Unique Features4.5/5


  • Lightweight
  • Has a detachable stainless steel wand
  • Has a turbo button
  • Small and thin body


  • Limited cup capacity
  • Spillage-prone design

The Imarflex Immersion Blender is a lightweight blender known to help produce creamy soups, purees, mayonnaise, and more.

When it comes to design, we like that this blender doesn’t take up a lot of space. Hence, it’s ideal for people who have small kitchens because it can easily be stored.

Don’t let its small size fool you – we were impressed by its high-performance motor, which can readily combine substances in minutes. It also features a turbo button which makes blending more efficient.

We lile that cleaning this is also easy because it has a detachable stainless steel wand. So, you can use it between different ingredients after just washing the wand.

For us, this blender is the easiest to maintain compared to other blenders on this list because you don’t have as many accessories to worry about.

Though it comes with a cup that has measurements on it, we noticed its limited capacity of 750 mL. If you like meal prepping in large batches, this may not be the best blender for you.

That said, we think that the Imarflex Immersion Blender is still worth trying for its track record of producing quality blends in a smaller amount of time.

However, with its design, you need to be extra careful because the ingredients may spill. Since your container is not enclosed when you use this, you need to pay more attention to avoid accidents.

4. PerySmith 5-in-1 Hand Blender

PerySmith 5-in-1 Hand Blender
PricePhp 1,698
Energy Consumption850 W
Capacity500 mL
Warranty1 year

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
– Cost Effectiveness5/5
– Affordability4.7/5
– Versatility5/5
– Unique Features5/5


  • Comes with 5 different attachments
  • Space saver
  • Can be used for wet and dry ingredients


  • High energy consumption
  • Not the most durable

If you want a blender that comes with various unique features, then PerySmith 5-in-1 Hand Blender is a perfect fit. 

We like that it comes with five different attachments that allow you to whisk, blend, grind, knead, and chop. The 304 stainless steel blades also allow you to use this blender for hard and dry ingredients. 

We admire that it can substitute for five appliances in your home, which makes it a great space saver. Thus, it’s perfect for those with small kitchens.

When we tried it, we were surprised by how powerful it already was even without going into turbo mode. 

The beater whisk can also thicken creams in just minutes so we commend its robustness as well.

We’re also happy with the kneading hook attachment because it does the hard part of working your dough for you, lessening those sore arms one gets from whisking and kneading.

However, what we didn’t like about this blender is that its body is made up of plastic. Additionally, among the blenders on this list, this is the one with the highest power consumption. 

But overall, we think that it’s worthy of being in your kitchen because it offers a lot of unique features.

5. Nutrihero Portable Blender

Nutrihero Portable Blender
PricePhp 1,299
Energy Consumption250 W
Capacity400 mL
Warranty1 month

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5
– Cost Effectiveness4/5
– Affordability4.7/5
– Versatility3/5
– Unique Features4/5


  • Affordable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for power bank charging
  • Equipped with a 4000 mAh battery
  • Has a one-button cleaning function


  • Small capacity
  • Cannot be used for dry ingredients

Nutrihero Portable Blender is an affordable and travel-friendly blender perfect for personal use. 

It boasts a 4000 mAh built-in battery that makes it extremely portable. We tried it out and were amazed that it can perform more than 20 blends.

In terms of charging, this blender has a current USB Type-C interface with an associated cable included in the box. And since it can be charged via power bank, it’s ideal for frequent travelers who like making their own mixes.

We also like that it consumes less energy compared to other blenders on this list. Because it is smaller in nature, we think that it’s not fit for big families.

Despite only having a 400ML capacity, we think that it’s still useful because you can drink directly from it. This removes the hassle of transferring the juice or smoothie to a separate container, lessening the dishes to be washed. 

Upon use, we noticed that it also includes razor-sharp stainless steel blades for swiftly pulping any fruit. This is perfect for juicing or simply making your own smoothie at home or outside.

We also like that it is easy to clean, thanks to its one-button cleaning function. With it, you can just fill it up with water and you don’t have to rinse it with separate tools.

You should know, though, that it’s not a suitable option for dry ingredients.

Overall, we think that it’s a good purchase for anyone who wants their daily fruit blends. 

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