Best Water Dispensers in the Philippines
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Best Water Dispensers in the Philippines

How We Picked


We reviewed quality dispensers that are reliable and worth the price.

Make and Design

We considered the overall design of the water dispenser, how compact it is and what kind of material it’s made of.

Energy Efficiency

Water dispensers are meant to be plugged in 24/7, so we considered the wattage and electricity consumption of each unit.


We looked at the capacity of each water dispenser, specifically how many gallons or liters it can accommodate per load.

1. Kyowa Hot and Cold Table Top Dispenser 

Kyowa Hot and Cold Table Top Dispenser
Capacity5 gallons / 18L
Power Input550W for hot water, 65W for cold water

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Shopee Reviews Score4.6/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score consistency4.75/5
Make and Design5/5
Energy Efficiency3/5


  • Cheapest unit in our review
  • Small in size but can fit up to 5 gallons
  • Easy to clean
  • Dispenses water at the push of a button 


  • Has no safety lock for hot water
  • Requires counter space

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss water dispenser posted at a very good price, we highly recommend the Kyowa KW-1504.

The Kyowa hot and cold water dispenser  is a very simple model but by no means is it an eyesore. It has a white, plastic body with curved edges that give off a slightly modern design. 

The HW-1504 has two spouts, one for hot water and one for cold water. There are red and green indicator lights to signal when water is ready to be dispensed at either temperature.

This model is portable, and it’s a space saver that can fit comfortably on any tabletop. This is the most compact model we reviewed, but also one of the most powerful. 

It can hold up to 5 gallons or 18 liters of water, and dispenses water at the push of a button. This way, you won’t have to worry about water splashing onto your clothes. We also love how it’s very easy to clean.

In terms of energy consumption, the Kyowa consumed about 550W for hot water and 65W for cold water.

The downside to this model is that it doesn’t have a safety lock for dispensing hot water. One wrong push on the hot water button could scald someone if they aren’t careful.

Also, if you don’t have the counter space for a tabletop, you’re better off buying a free standing type water dispenser.

2. American Home Hot and Cold Water Dispenser AH20-FSG17B 

American Home Hot and Cold Water Dispenser AH20-FSG17B
Price  ₱7,449.00
Capacity20 liters
Power Input420W for hot water, 120W for cold water

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews1/5
Score consistency5/5
Make and Design4.5/5
Energy Efficiency4/5


  • Classy look
  • 3-faucet settings for hot, cold, and room temperature water
  • Has a double safety device to prevent overheating
  • Has high-efficiency compressor cooling and a stainless steel water tank
  • Has a cabinet for additional storage


  • Surface is prone to fingerprints and scratches
  • Double cabinet design requires more space

If you’re looking for an elegant choice for a water dispenser in terms of design and function, add this particular model from American Home to your cart.

The AH20-FSG17B is a standing, tower-type dispenser that is sleek, tall, and shiny black in color. It uses a 3-faucet system which provides you with options for hot, cold, and room temperature water.

It is ideal for families and would look great in a modern, or industrial-type home kitchen. 

We also saw it’s built very well, with a double safety device that prevents the appliance from overheating.

The AH20-FSG17B model has high-efficiency compressor cooling and a stainless steel hot water tank. It can hold up to 20 liters of water, which is an impressive amount more than enough for the average family!

What we love about this unit is that it incorporates additional storage in its design. It comes with a spacious, two-door cabinet right below the dispenser, where you can place glasses, cups, or other kitchenware.

In terms of wattage, it consumes about 420 watts for hot water and 120 watts for cold water. All of these features are great and for all you get, it’s a steal for its selling price!

The only downside of this unit is that the design of its surface makes it prone to fingerprints and scratches, and that its cabinet style water dispenser will require more space.

3. Hanabishi Bottom Load Water Dispenser HFSWD1900BL

Hanabishi Bottom Load Water Dispenser HFSWD1900BL
Capacity19 liters
Power Input500W for hot water, 85W for cold water

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.4/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Make and Design5/5
Energy Efficiency5/5


  • Bottom-loading type
  • Fair price for its features
  • Has a fast cooling system
  • Has a hot water safety lock
  • Has low-noise
  • Has energy saving feature


  • Has a time-consuming setup procedure
  • Completely draining out the water before replacing the jug may damage the unit in the long-run

If your heart is set on getting a bottom-loading dispenser for ease of refilling, we recommend the Hanabishi HFSWD1900BL.

This Hanabishi model is a free standing water dispenser that you load from the bottom. With this feature, it won’t be difficult for you to load water since you won’t need to lift the 5-gallon jug off the floor!

It must be said that it comes at a really good price, as dispensers of this type tend to be much more expensive than a top-loading one.

This bottom-loading dispenser from Hanabishi is built with high quality features, including a fast cooling system which allows the unit to cool water in just a matter of minutes.

It uses a push button mechanism to dispense from its three faucets for hot, normal, and cool water. We like that this particular model has a hot water safety lock to prevent any potential burn accidents in the household.

The HFSWD1900BL’s lower compartment can hold up to 19 liters of water, and we found that no drop of water is wasted as it empties the bottle down to the last drop.

It consumes about 500W for hot water, and 85W for cold water. What we love about this model from Hanabishi is that it is low noise and has an energy saving feature!

The downside to this Hananabishi model is it has a time-consuming setup procedure compared to other water dispensers. Aside from this, the manufacturer recommends replacing the water jug before goes completely empty to avoid damaging the unit.

4. Toshiba RWF-W1669BF Bottom Loading Dispenser

Toshiba RWF-W1669BF Bottom Loading Dispenser
Capacity20 liters
Power Input420W for hot water, 100W for cold water

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Shopee Reviews Score5/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.75/5
Make and Design5/5
Energy Efficiency5/5


  • Sophisticated design
  • Push-type faucets
  • Has a child safety lock
  • Has LED panel with low water level warning
  • Quick heating and quick cooling technology
  • Has energy-saving features that prevent unit from overheating


  • May be challenging to set up
  • Most expensive model we reviewed

Another high-quality, bottom-loading dispenser on our list is Toshiba RWF-W1669BF.

Its built-in pump pushes water from the gallon jug to the appliance’s inner tank.

This is a premium water dispenser, arguably top of the line for all the features it offers.

The dispenser is made of both ABS plastic and stainless steel, which give it a sleek and sophisticated finish.

This model from Toshiba can store a whopping 20 liters of water, and it has two push-type faucets for hot and cold water, making it spill and spatter-proof. It also has a child safety lock for the hot water faucet.

Each faucet has an LED light panel to indicate which one is in use. It also has an LED low water level warning.

What we love about this Toshiba model is its super convenient quick heating and quick cooling feature.

It will only take 10 minutes for it to deliver hot water. Meanwhile, its ICE Cold Technology compressor produces extra cold water (between 3-9 degrees Celsius!) within just an hour.

The RWF-W1669BF consumes about 420W for hot water and 100W for cold water.

Another thing we adore about this water dispenser is that it has an energy saving feature––once it detects that the water tank is empty, the dispenser automatically cuts off the power, heating, and cooling functions.

This feature is an added safety function as well, preventing the unit from overheating.

What we don’t like about this unit is that it also has a challenging setup procedure before you can properly use the appliance. It’s also without a doubt the most expensive model in our review, with a price point over 10,000 Php.

If this model is above your intended budget, you’ll do well finding another water dispenser with the same features at a lower price.

5. Eureka Hot & Cold Water Dispenser MWD-131

Eureka Hot & Cold Water Dispenser MWD-131
Capacity5 gallons
Power Input500W for hot water, 100W for cold water

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Shopee Reviews Score4.7/5
Lazada Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score consistency4.75/5
Make and Design4/5
Energy Efficiency3.5/5


  • Reasonably priced
  • Free-standing
  • Has a stainless steel tank and copper magnetic winding
  • Has dust-protecting silicon covers for on/off switch
  • High speed cooling system
  • Has silent-type compressor


  • Doesn’t have a safety lock
  • Not aesthetically pleasing

Eureka is among the major players in home appliances in the country, and they have created many different models of water dispensers.

The particular Eureka model we picked out for our review is the MWD-131. It’s a free-standing hot and cold water dispenser, at about 31 cm high.

It’s built with a 304 stainless steel tank and pipe connector, so you won’t worry about your water getting contaminated by rust. It also has a pure copper magnetic winding, and its on and off panels at the back of the dispenser have silicon covers to protect it from dust.

The MWD-131 has pretty impressive features for its reasonable price. It has its own water purification function, and even uses a high speed cooling system that makes your water cold instantly!

The best thing about the Eureka water dispenser is that it has a temperature controller. You can decide how hot you want your morning coffee to be (it can go up to 90 degrees Celsius!) or how cold your drink is.

Another thing we love about this product is that it’s the quietest model we’ve reviewed. It has a silent type compressor which ensures noiseless operation.

While highly functional, this Eureka model in comparison to the other appliances we reviewed lacks two things: first, a hot water safety lock; and second, aesthetics (it’s really hard to ignore the big green “Mitsu Tech” text on the lower panel!).

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