5 of the Best Architectural Firms in the Philippines
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5 of the Best Architectural Firms in the Philippines

How We Picked 


We evaluated the firms through the testimonials, awards, and  their impact on Filipino architecture based on the quality of their designs. These should emphasize sociocultural and environmental considerations.


Through their past projects, we assessed the breadth of their capabilities and their design approach. These should exhibit a level of innovation and creativity that fits the context and the client’s vision.

Project Management

Ease of communication and effective time management are both essential to the success of a project. Moreover, we considered their working relationship with clients and other professionals in the trade.

Fee Structure

The firm must provide a detailed breakdown of their fees that adheres to the Standards of Professional Practice (SPP). They should also maintain transparency all throughout for any significant or minor adjustments.

1. Aidea Incorporated 

Aidea Incorporated Homepage

Services: architecture, planning, interior design, environmental graphic design, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Website: https://www.aidea.com.ph/

Address: 30/F BPI-Philam Life Makati, 6811 Ayala Ave., Salcedo Village, Makati City 

Contact Details: (+632) 7758 8888

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Portfolio 5/5
— Design Approach5/5
— Range of Projects5/5
Project Management4/5
— Ease of Communication4/5
— Punctuality4/5
Fee Structure5/5


  • Integrated and comprehensive solutions
  • Multi-awarded design firm
  • Impressive portfolio that covers a wide range of projects
  • Uses advanced tools like VDC to produce precise digital models
  • Highly-esteemed and respected in the construction industry


  • Mostly specializes in grand-scale projects
  • Clients comprise mainly of high-profile individuals or organizations

True to its name, Aidea Incorporated excels at transforming ideas into reality through a multidisciplinary approach to design. The England-based firm expanded to the Philippines in 2003 and has since gained widespread recognition as an industry leader. 

In 2022, Building Design (BD) ranked them 44th in the World Architecture 100, a highly sought-after distinction. In the same year, they secured yet another a spot in BCI’s Top 10 Architectural Firms in the Philippines. 

They also specialize in seamlessly integrating design and technology, which has been key to their success. Veering away from traditional architectural methodologies, they instead employ innovative and strategic methods of problem-solving.

One of these is Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), which uses cutting-edge technology to create digital models. This powerful tool allows them to address real-world challenges before construction begins, bridging different disciplines.

Their expertise has earned them the trust to develop impressive large-scale projects such as Clark Global City and Bonifacio High Street Central. Additionally, they have embarked on over 800 projects in 60 countries worldwide. 

On the other hand, their focus on major projects may limit the types of clients and projects they select, as they primarily cater to prominent players in the industry. Consequently, their services come at a premium cost. 

However, we appreciate their commitment to environmental sustainability, which is evident in their work. The fusion of beauty and functionality is a hallmark of their designs, as seen on their company profile.

2. GFP Architects

GFP Architects Homepage

Services: full architectural design services, design management, engineering coordination 

Website: https://www.gfparchitects.com/

Address: 11/F BDO Plaza 8737 Paseo De Roxas, Makati City

Contact Details: (+632) 8553 7229 to 32

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency4/5
Portfolio 4/5
— Design Approach4/5
— Range of Projects4/5
Project Management4.5/5
— Ease of Communication4.5/5
— Punctuality4.5/5
Fee Structure4.5/5


  • Practicing for almost 50 years
  • Recognized by WA Top 100 and BCI Asia Awards
  • In network with reputable organizations like ASEAN and APEC
  • Conforms to international standards  
  • Has a dedicated team for interior design


  • Nothing new to offer in terms of unique and innovative solutions
  • Range of projects is limited compared to others

GFP Architects (formerly GF & Partners) was founded by Architect Gabriel Formoso who began the practice as early as 1939. Formoso was notably among the first 100 licensed architects in the country, and his legacy lives on through the firm.

Today, the group is led by three partners who oversaw the development of multiple iconic buildings around highly-urbanized cities like Makati, Pasay, Taguig, and Cebu.

These places are home to some of the country’s most popular edifices that range across hospitality, mixed-use, and commercial projects. 5-star hotels like Peninsula Manila, Shangri-La at the Fort, and Okada are just some buildings under their roster.

As such, they’re trusted by both local and international clients and organizations for their consistent and quality designs. This is achieved through a thorough analysis at each step of the design process and adherence to an ISO quality management system.

Additionally, they’re in-network with prominent figures like ASEAN and Philippine Green Building Council. This further cements their place as one of the top firms in the country, as well as one of the largest firms in the world according to BD’s WA Top 100.

Apart from big projects, the group proves its versatility through an interior design counterpart, GFP Interiors. This features smaller projects like residential homes, restaurants, and specialized workspaces.

While the firm itself has grown remarkably throughout the decades of its existence, we hope to see more in terms of innovative solutions. Their portfolio is also not as diverse as the others on this list, as far as we’ve seen.

3. Visionarch/ Visionary Architecture Inc. 

Visionarch Visionary Architecture Inc Homepage

Services: architectural design & planning, project development consultancy, Building Information Modelling (BIM), specialist visualization

Website: https://www.visionarch-architects.com/

Address: 2305 West Tower PSE, Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Contact Details: (+632) 8637 0234

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:10 AM – 6:10 PM
  • Saturday: 8:10 AM – 5:10 PM
Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Portfolio 5/5
— Design Approach5/5
— Range of Projects5/5
Project Management4.25/5
— Ease of Communication4/5
— Punctuality4.5/5
Fee Structure4.5/5


  • Diverse portfolio that showcases innovative designs
  • Recognized by awarding organizations
  • Undertakes a wide scope of building types
  • Broad network of architects
  • Has a specialized team for 3D visualization 


  • Complex management 
  • Potential miscommunication and inefficiency that comes with large groups

Founded in 2001, Visionarch proudly embraces a ‘life-centric’ approach to design, going beyond built forms and focusing on the individual. This commitment to enhancing lives adds an intriguing dimension to both form and function. 

As a result, the firm has become a trusted partner of key developers in the local scene, particularly those who share the same forward-thinking vision. 

This has opened doors to unique projects that range in complexity and scale. We observed this from the innovative intermodal transport hub, One Ayala, to the distinctive geometric form of Hamilo Coast Chapel. 

On top of that, the company demonstrates a mastery of both horizontal and vertical forms. This can be seen in their high-rise projects like the Insular Life Corporate Center and the sprawling modern alleyway of Aseana Parqal.

With a team of over 150 architects from different backgrounds, it’s no wonder their portfolio is also as diverse. At least a thousand of these projects are already completed, which is impressive.

However, managing a team of this size presents challenges, particularly in terms of coordination and potential overlapping responsibilities. This could also lead to inconsistencies in deliverables if the teams are not as well-organized. 

On another note, we heard they’re excellent collaborators and guide clients through every phase of a project. This includes strategizing marketing efforts and building operations, post-construction.

Their commitment to bettering the lives of users is evident, and they have consistently met their goals, as far as we have observed.

4. WTA Architecture and Design Studio

WTA Architecture and Design Studio Homepage

Services: architecture, design, planning

Website: https://wtadesignstudio.com/

Address: 302 Metrosquare Bldg. 224 Ortigas Ave. Greenhills, San Juan City

Contact Details: (+632) 8570 3169

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Portfolio 4.5/5
— Design Approach5/5
— Range of Projects4/5
Project Management4.75/5
— Ease of Communication5/5
— Punctuality4.5/5
Fee Structure4/5


  • Offers a fresh take in terms of design approach
  • Has earned worldwide acclaim
  • Works with a variety of projects, regardless of scale
  • A team of younger generation of architects
  • Specializes in social architecture, focusing on local communities


  • Relatively young and small firm
  • Portfolio of finished projects is limited compared to others

WTA Architecture and Design Studio has made a name for themselves in the architecture industry, despite only starting in 2007. William Ti Jr. founded the eponymous firm, whose designs are reinforced by social architecture.

This philosophy suggests that architecture is meant to bridge spaces and the very people that require their use. The goal is to reinvent the intimidating and insular structure into one that breaks barriers and welcomes communities, which is promising.

As a comparatively young company, they bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table. This appears to distinguish them from their counterparts, and has earned them several accolades through the years.

One of these is a winning entry to Nikola’s Belvedere competition, a highly coveted distinction on a global scale. They also have multiple awards from the World Architecture Festival, which is something of an Oscars in the architectural scene.

They also have an impressive range of capabilities across different building types and complexity. 

Some of their noteworthy projects include The Outlets at Lipa and the FEM Stadium at Laoag City. The latter is a pedestrianized and solar-powered retail development while the former is a 12,000 capacity stadium inspired by Ilokano woven patterns.

While their portfolio features a diverse and growing list of projects, their finished work is quite limited in comparison to other firms on this list. 

Despite these limitations, this group pushes for a progressive and idealistic outlook on architecture that fits in the local context.

5. JSLA Architects

JSLA Architects Homepage

Services: architecture & design, planning, construction

Website: https://www.jslaarchitects.com/

Address: L/4 & U/4 LHK Square, 288 N Domingo St, Pasadena Brgy., San Juan City

Contact Details: (+632) 8724 9214

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency5/5
Portfolio 3.5/5
— Design Approach4/5
— Range of Projects3/5
Project Management5/5
— Ease of Communication5/5
— Punctuality5/5
Fee Structure4.5/5


  • Trusted by leading corporations, including SMIC
  • Proven track record of 40 years
  • Employs Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Specializes on functional and efficient designs
  • Consistently on BCI’s Top 10 Architectural Firms


  • Designs are one-dimensional for some
  • Clients are generally high-profile

JSLA Architects, led by Jose Siao Ling and Ana Mangalino Ling, is a distinguished name in the construction industry. Established in 1983, it has grown into one of the largest and longest-running corporate firms in the country. 

Among their list of achievements is their partnership with SM Investments Corporation (SMIC), a major conglomerate in the country. They have played a key role in developing nearly half of the corporation’s projects, which is impressive.

This includes SM Mall of Asia Arena, an expansive landmark in Pasay, and  SM Baguio, known for its scenic views and natural ventilation from the city’s cool climate. 

Looking at their constructed projects with SM, we could tell their designs have improved over the last decade. The forms have grown increasingly more exploratory, integrating emerging technologies at the time of construction.

However, some critics argue that their work lacks diversity due to their inclination towards rectilinear and glass-dominated structures. This style, often referred to as the “shoebox style” of architecture, may not appeal to everyone’s taste. 

Nevertheless, they have established a strong reputation for academic, institutional, and commercial projects, thanks to the consistency and functionality of their designs. 

Their ISO certification in Quality Management System (QMS) further underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality work, which has earned them a loyal clientele. 

Overall, their extensive background and efficient management systems have garnered them significant acclaim and a well-deserved place on our list.

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