9 Fun Things to Do in Clark
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9 Fun Things to Do in Clark

There is never a lack of things to do in Clark because of its thriving culture, extensive history, and wealth of attractions. There is something in this city for everyone, whether you enjoy history, the outdoors, or are just seeking a fun break! 

This article will explore some of the best things to do in Clark, Pampanga. Read on to learn more!

Things to Do in Clark

1. Visit the Clark Freeport Zone and the Clark Special Economic Zone.

AddressClark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga
Business hoursMonday - Saturday: 9 am - 6:30 pm

Sunday: 1 pm - 3 pm

  • Special economic zone
  • United States air force facility
  • Clark air base
  • Business hub
  • Best ForHistory buffs, family, and friends who want to enjoy some downtime.

    The Clark Freeport Zone is a former United States Air Force base that played a significant role in the history of the Philippines. 

    The base is now a popular tourist destination, allowing visitors to take a guided tour of the site. The time takes you through the various buildings and structures of the base, giving you a glimpse into the area’s history! 

    Clark Freeport Zone serves as an economic and commercial hub in addition to being a tourist destination. With its learning, amusement, and relaxation facilities, you will surely love Clark Freeport Zone!

    Insider Tip

    Try local delicacies.

    While you’re in the area, there are a lot of restaurants and stalls that you will see offering Kapampangan dishes that you must try. You can choose what food you want to taste that you’ll only see here in Clark!

    2. Visit Clark Museum.

    Visit Clark Museum
    (Image Source: Manila Standard)
    AddressSergio Osmena Street, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines
    Entrance FeePhp 100
    Business hoursMonday: Closed

    Tuesday - Sunday: 9 am - 4 pm

  • 4 galleries
  • 4D theater
  • Best ForMore history buffs!

    Anyone interested in the history and culture of the Philippines must visit the Clark Museum! The museum has a sizable collection of items and displays highlighting the region’s rich heritage.

    The museum chronicles the history of the inhabitants of Clark from the Paleolithic Era to the Present. The museum also has a 4D theater where visitors can experience Philippine history firsthand!

    Insider Tip

    Try their 4D Theater.

    Your tour won’t be complete without experiencing their 4D theater! The 4D theater offers admission for Php 100 per person!

    3. Check out the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

    Check out the Hot Air Balloon Festival
    (Image Source: Good News Pilipinas)
    AddressClark Freeport Zone
    Entrance FeePhp 100
  • Hot air balloons watching
  • Music Festival
  • Best ForInstagrammable photos, bonding with family and friends, great views

    The return of this annual two-day event at Clark Global City is a great way to ring in the summer by spending the whole weekend taking in live music and gazing up at hot air balloons in the sky! 

    Insider Tips

    They don’t allow minors.

    Only adults are permitted at this event. An adult must accompany all attendees between the ages of 13 and 17.

    Fill up your stomach beforehand and hydrate.

    Take a heavy meal and hydrate yourself before going to the festival because it will be long hours of standing, especially when the music festival starts.

    Practice CLAYGO.

    The organizers will penalize violators, so we encourage you to avoid throwing trash anywhere. Trash bins will be located in every area of the venue.

    4. Check out the local food scene.

    Check out the local food scene
    (Image Source: Authentic Food Quest)

    Clark is known for its culinary delights. We are home to several restaurants offering traditional Filipino and international cuisine. 

    Some must-try local dishes include sisig, adobo, and halo-halo. You’ll be amazed by the way they cook and serve their food! 

    Here are some great restaurants you can try when you visit Clark:

    1. Matam-ih Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine

    AddressLot 1-D, M. A. Roxas Highway, E. Jacinto Street, Mabalacat
    Contact Number0939 989 2382
    Business Hours Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM 
    What To Order
  • Pork sisig
  • Sinigang
  • Kare-kare
  • Ensaladong pako
  • 2. Mangan Tamu/Commercio Central

    AddressManuel L Quezon Ave, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga
    Contact Number(045) 599 5262
    Business HoursFriday - Sunday: 3:00pm - 12:00am
    What To Order
  • Asado
  • Kalameng ube
  • Halo-halo
  • Roasted pork
  • 3. Clark Lomi House & Restaurant

    AddressLot 1-D, M. A. Roxas Highway, E. Jacinto Street, Mabalacat
    Contact Number045 599 5262
    Business HoursMonday - Sunday: 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM
    What To Order
  • Lomi
  • Arroz Caldo
  • Sinigang na hipon
  • 4. Wu Xing By Clark Marriott

    Address5398 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone 2023 Mabalacat, Philippines
    Contact Number(045) 598 5000
    Business Hours Monday - Sunday: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM | 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM 
    What To Order
  • Roasted peking duck
  • 5. Binulo Restaurant

    AddressClarkfield, Pampanga, Angeles City, Philippines
    Contact Number0977 622 3231
    Business Hours Monday - Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM 
    What To Order
  • Shrimp okoy
  • Pangat na ulang
  • Binukadkad na hito
  • Insider Tip

    Reserve a table online to skip the waiting time.

    If you have a car or are dining with a large party, try to make an online reservation whenever possible so you won’t wait long to be seated or find a table.

    5. Go shopping at Duty-Free.

    Go shopping at Duty-Free
    (Image Source: Zamboanga)
    AddressP. Kalaw Street, corner Claro M Recto Hwy, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga
    Contact Number(045) 599 2349
    Business Hours Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

    Duty-Free offers an exciting shopping experience for travelers with its wide variety of duty-free items, ranging from cosmetics, fragrances, liquor, tobacco, and electronics to jewelry, watches, fashion accessories, apparel, and more!

    It has a wide selection of products worldwide, including international brands, local products, and handcrafted items. Customers can also find a section dedicated to duty-free items, making it a great place to find a bargain!

    The store displays hundreds of products and offers competitive prices to enjoy! The store also provides a convenient shopping experience with its helpful staff, ample space, and extended hours!

    Insider Tips

    They are the best place to go for wine and liquor.

    You’ll only find a lot of liquor and wine in a duty-free store. They also offer it for a lower price than other liquor stores.

    6. Try horseback riding at El Kabayo.

    Try horseback riding at El Kabayo
    (Image Source: Visit Clark)
    AddressGil Puyat Avenue cor. Panday Pira Ave, Clark, Pampanga
    Contact Number0917 704 4028
    RatesAround El Kabayo Grounds: Php 350 - Php 1,300

    Going to El Kabayo Falls: Php 950 - Php 1,700

    Riding Package: Php 15, 750

    Business HoursMonday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm
  • 60 mins horseback ride
  • Tour on Western Town
  • Trail rides
  • Riding lessons
  • Best ForFamily or friends bonding

    If you want something exciting to do in Clark, you must try horseback riding in El Kabayo! They offer not only a horseback riding experience but there’s also a cafe in the area!

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, El Kabayo offers various horseback riding packages, such as single or double rides, El Kabayo falls lifts and special riding packages!

    The horseback riding experience is a unique way to explore the local area. The cafe provides a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee or a meal.

    Insider Tips

    They offer photo opportunities.

    You can take as many pictures as you like and tour guides can take a picture for you for free!

    They allow you to ride on your own.

    The whole area can be explored on your own! You can enter the Greenbelt areas if you’re a more experienced rider and enjoy the peaceful place with your horse!

    7. Visit their water attractions.

    Visit their water attractions
    (Image Source: ABS CBN News)

    Clark is home to some of the country’s best water activities and attractions. From the beautiful hot springs to the thrilling waterslides of Aqua Planet, Clark has something for everyone!

    Here are some of the recommended water activities and attractions in Clark:

    1. Aqua Planet

    AddressClark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga
    Contact Number(045) 649 8500


    Adult (Above 4ft): Php 1,080

    Kids (Below 4ft): Php 880

    Weekend and Holiday:

    Adult (Above 4ft): Php 1,280

    Kids (Below 4ft): Php 1,080

    Business HoursMonday, Wednesday - Friday: 10am - 4pm

    Tuesday: Closed

    Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm

  • Water slides
  • Water rides
  • Lounge areas
  • Food stalls
  • Shower area
  • Cabanas
  • Best ForBonding with family or friends

    2. Puning Hot Spring & Restaurant

    AddressSapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga
    Contact Number0947-897-3007 or 0908-820-3483
    RatesPhp 3,500 (Min. of 3)
    Business HoursMonday - Sunday: 8 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 4x4 Jeepney
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Sand steam
  • Cottages
  • Shower area
  • Hot spring
  • Best ForRelaxing and trying Kapampangan cuisines.

    3. Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks

    AddressSapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga
    Contact Number0917 553 7502
    Rates Depending on what room you’ll book.
    Business HoursMonday - Sunday
  • Sauna and spa
  • Sports Center
  • Coffee, Tea, and Juice Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Best ForUnwinding after a long day

    Insider Tip

    Wear proper swimwear.

    Wear appropriate clothing and bring everything you need. Some of the resorts will require you to wear swimwear.

    8. Visit their Zoo and Adventure Parks.

    Visit their Zoo and Adventure Parks
    (Image Source: Dinosaur Island)

    Clark is also home to numerous attractions and activities, from zoos to adventure parks. They have a lot of zoos that are home to a wide variety of animals, including tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, camels, giraffes, and more!

    Visitors can also enjoy various activities such as zip lining, bungee jumping, ATV rides, and paintball. Listed below are zoos and adventure parks you can visit in Clark!

    1. Dinosaurs Island

    AddressClark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat
    Contact Number(045) 499 3019
    RatesPhp 910/Pax
    Business HoursMonday - Sunday: 8 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Jurassic Jungle Safari
  • 7D Superscreen
  • Wonders of the World
  • Unearth Museum
  • Dino Adventure Ride
  • Dino Trail
  • Dino World of Fun
  • Best ForFamily learning and enjoyment.

    2. Zoocobia Fun Zoo

    AddressClark, Pampanga
    Contact Number0939 955 7981
    RatesP295/ adult

    P295 / child 3ft-4ft

    Free of Charge 3 ft below

    Business HoursMonday - Sunday: 8 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Philippines Pride
  • Maze
  • Barn
  • Managerie
  • Zip Ride
  • Horse Ride
  • Giant Slide
  • Camel Ride
  • Clarkrzilla 4x4
  • Best ForChildren and animal lovers

    Insider Tips

    They allow visitors to feed animals.

    A Birds of Paradise enclosure, a Flower Maze, a petting area where you can experience bottle-feeding baby goats and pigs, and more are among the zoo’s attractions.

    They have a luge ride similar to the one in Sentosa, Singapore!

    The theme park is home to the Zoo Ride, the first gravity car in the Philippines modeled after the Luge Ride in Sentosa, Singapore, in addition to allowing visitors to view the park’s flora and fauna.

    9. Have a good time in Hann Casino Resort.

    Have a good time in Hann Casino Resort
    (Image Source: Hann Resorts)
    AddressM.A. Roxas Highway corner C.M. Recto, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines 2023, Clark
    Contact Number+6345 306 1000
    Business hoursMonday - Sunday: 24/7
    Casino Games
  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • Electronic games
  • Best ForHanging out with family and friends

    The new Hann Casino Resort is the first fully integrated casino resort in Clark Freeport Zone. As you enter the casino, you’ll be greeted with welcoming smiles and receive their extraordinary hospitality!

    They offer the most luxurious gaming environment in Clark, along with Las Vegas-style gaming facilities. They have thrilling raffle draws, VIP gaming, junket gaming, over 800 slot machines, 91 gaming tables, and 44 electronic table games!

    The casino’s colorful environment, live entertainment, upscale shopping area, and abundant 24-hour food and beverage service are guaranteed to make you feel like a winner every time!

    Insider Tips

    Go light with your first bets!

    If you’re a first-timer, determine your budget before you place your first bet so you’ll be sure you can afford to lose that money; and, if you win, use that money for your new bet.

    Book a reservation online.

    To avoid a hassle on your trip, the Hann Casino and Resort requires all the guests to book a reservation online. You’ll also enjoy their discounted promo rates and reservation packages from their main website.

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