The 5 Best Induction Cookers in the Philippines
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The 5 Best Induction Cookers in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Induction Cookers in the Philippines


We chose induction cookers that are economical and suitable for consumers on a tight budget.


We picked induction cookers that are energy-efficient, taking into account the wattage and power they use.


We selected induction cookers made of high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use.

Unique Features

We included induction cookers that have different specifications for an improved cooking experience.

1. Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-2000S

Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-2000S
PricePhp 3,000
Wattage2000 W
Size38 cm (L) X 31 cm (W) X 4.7 cm (H)
Weight2.9 kg
Cooking presets availableNone

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Power consumption3/5
Operational productivity4.7/5
Unique Features4.5/5


  • Slim design
  • Has child-lock function


  • High wattage
  • Temperature is hard to control

If you’re looking for a slim and lightweight induction cooker, then we think that Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-2000S is a good choice.

With a 47mm width, you can camouflage it into your kitchen top to look built-in. It also features a touch-sensitive panel that exudes a premium feel. 

Despite being thin, we’re surprised that it can still withstand a weight of up to 15 kg. This is relatively similar to the capacity of other induction cookers on this list.

We like that it also has a child-lock function so you can avoid having your presets changed. It’s a plus for us because you can cook at ease without worrying about accidental presses.

Added to this, we admire that they have heavy-duty twin exhausts. This alleviates heat in your induction cooker and it helps your induction cooker breathe better.

That said, when using this induction cooker, you’ll be limited in the size of cookware you can use. We don’t recommend this for large families as you may need to cook in batches if you will cook in bulk.

Also, we noticed that it isn’t beginner-friendly. When used, sometimes 100°C can be too hot immediately whereas setting it to 80°C can prolong the time it takes to cook food – and it doesn’t have preset settings to give you that extra hand.

Lastly, we observed that this induction cooker requires high energy of 2000W. 

Overall, despite some disadvantages, we still think that the quality of this induction cooker is up to par so it’s worth the try.

2. Philips HD4911/00

Philips HD4911/00
PricePhp 4,499
Wattage2100 W
Size35 cm (L) X 28 cm (W) X 6.5 cm (H)
Weight4 kg
Cooking presets available5

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews2.9/5
Score Consistency4.2/5
Power consumption3/5
Operational productivity5/5
Unique Features5/5


  • Equipped with a sensor touch
  • Has an auto-off program
  • Has an A-grade glass panel


  • Expensive
  • Has high power consumption
  • Heavy

Philips HD4911/00 is a fast-cooking induction cooker best for busy individuals.

When used, we like that it easily heats up and cooks food way faster than other induction cookers. We noticed that it also has different cooking programs fit for various recipes.

It features 5 power levels, from 60°C up to 200°C, that can suit your cooking needs. Aside from that, it also has 1 to 120 minutes of cooking time, so you don’t have to set your timer multiple times if you’re cooking for a long time.

The timer also has an auto-off program that turns off the induction cooker once the set time passed. This allows for multi-tasking while cooking without worrying about burnt food, which is great.

Design-wise, we noticed that it also has a good-quality glass panel. The display is easy to read so we even recommend this for homes with older people or sight-challenged individuals cooking. 

We did, however, notice that it is quite heavy. So, we recommend placing it in areas with a steady surface where it will not be moved on a regular basis.

We also didn’t like that it has the highest power consumption of any induction cooker on this list. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind paying a high price for a quick-cooking induction cooker, this is a worthwhile investment.

3. Eureka EIC-WP

Eureka EIC-WP
PricePhp 1,429
Wattage2000 W
Size37 cm (L) X 30 cm (W) X 6.5 cm (H)
Weight1.7 kg
Cooking presets available6

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews3.2/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Power consumption3/5
Operational productivity4.6/5
Unique Features4.2/5


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a free pot


  • High wattage
  • Doesn’t have a timer

Eureka EIC-WP is another lightweight but affordable induction cooker.Based on our assessment, it is an easy-to-use induction cooker that doesn’t need complicated configuration. 

With its design, we also think that this one is the most beginner-friendly.

The panel appears straightforward and is not intimidating or complex. It also has a function button that allows you to select your desired preset, as well as plus (+) and minus (-) temperature buttons that are easy to spot.

We think that it’s great since it comes with a free pot that is made especially for induction cookers. However, we observed that the pot isn’t that thick so it can easily be burned.

It also doesn’t have a timer you have to be attentive when using this induction cooker.

A problem that we encountered, however, is that it doesn’t have a timer. Hence, you need to manually monitor the time when you cook.

We also noticed that it consumes a significant amount of energy, which we don’t mind since has high thermal efficiency. 

Finally, it’s less expensive than other fast-cooking induction cookers, so we believe it is worth a shot.

That said, if you’re switching from gas to induction, we highly recommend Eureka EIC-WP.

4. Tough Mama LZD-NTMIC4

Tough Mama LZD-NTMIC4
PricePhp 1,099
Wattage1500 W
Size36.8 cm (L) X 31.2 cm (W) X 9 cm (H)
Weight3.5 kg
Cooking presets available7

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Shopee Reviews Score4.9/5 
Lazada Reviews Score4.4/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.3/5
Power consumption4.8/5
Operational productivity4.6/5
Unique Features4.8/5


  • Most affordable induction cooker on this list
  • Has 7 cooking settings
  • Has lifetime free service warranty


  • Quite bulky
  • Heavy

If you want an affordable induction cooker, we highly recommend Tough Mama LZD-NTMIC4.

We appreciate that it comes with 7 cooking settings and adjustable temperature control for only Php 1,099. Hotpot, stirfry, barbecue, water, soup, water/tea, and rice are among the preset options, which are more than those found in other induction cookers.

We’re also happy that it has a lifetime free service warranty. Because of this, we think that it is already comparable to more expensive induction cookers.

We also commend the safety-first technology that Tough Mama equipped in this induction cooker. Upon use, we noticed that it doesn’t heat up at all. 

In terms of efficiency, we’re also amazed that this induction cooker only takes 1500 W of energy. Thus, it proves that the technology used is power-saving.

All in all, we like Tough Mama LZD-NTMIC4 because of its capabilities. However, in terms of size, we think that it’s quite bulky so it isn’t for a small kitchen/

Also, it is quite heavy so it isn’t ideal to be placed in areas that require it to be moved from time to time.

Nonetheless, we still recommend this induction cooker for homes that are looking for energy-efficient cooking appliances.

5. Kyowa Induction Stove KW-3634

Kyowa Induction Stove KW-3634
PricePhp 2,000
Wattage1300 W
Size35 cm (L) X 28 cm (W) X 3 cm (H)
Weight2 kg
Cooking presets available7

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Shopee Reviews Score4.7/5
Lazada Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews3.8/5
Score Consistency4/5
Power consumption5/5
Operational productivity4.7/5
Unique Features4.5/5


  • Automatically detects errors
  • Has a sturdy crystal glass plate
  • Has 7 cooking presets
  • Low power consumption


  • Has a bulky side
  • Doesn’t have a timer

If you prefer an energy-saving induction cooker, we think that you’d like the Kyowa Induction Stove KW-3634.

Among the induction cookers on this list, this one is the most energy-saving induction cooker as it only uses up 1300 W. For people who want to keep their electricity bill low, this is the way to go.

As for its features, we like that this induction cooker can automatically detect errors. For instance, when you use incompatible cookware, the induction cooker will not proceed to cooking – it will beep once to signify that something’s wrong.

It also has 7 cooking presets that include stirfry, fry, warm, boil, soup, steam, and hotpot. Thus, this is an ideal stove for those who want to try different recipes without the worry of figuring out the heat level.

We admire that its body is made of durable crystal glass plate because it exudes a premium look. It seems that this induction cooker can last years when handled with care.

Since the lower part is quite bulky, it’s best to decide where to permanently place it before putting it anywhere in your kitchen,.

We just wish that it came with a timer as this would greatly help multitasking individuals.

Its multiple-level adjustable temperature setting is easy to use though so we think that it’s an adequate compromise.

All in all, in terms of performance, we think that this is a good purchase.

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