12 Best Places in Manila to Go on a First Date
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12 Best Places in Manila to Go on a First Date

Are you looking for the perfect place to impress your date in Manila? Do you want to make your first date unforgettable and romantic?

If you answered yes, you are in luck because we have curated the best places to set the stage for a memorable romantic rendezvous in this blog. So, without further ado, here are the 12 best places in Manila for a first date.

1. The Frazzled Cook 

The Frazzled Cook
(Image Source: The Frazzled Cook)

Address: 78 Sct., Gandia St. 1103 Quezon City 

Website: https://www.thefrazzledcook.net/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefrazzledcook/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefrazzledcook/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Details: 0917 633 3352

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Sunday – 7 AM to 10 PM

The Frazzled Cook has a quirky and charming decor that creates a warm and homey ambiance for diners. It has different sections that cater to different moods and preferences, such as the garden area, the library area, and the private rooms.

They serve a fusion of international flavors with a focus on local ingredients. This shows that you put thought into choosing the restaurant and that you care about your date’s experience.

Pro Tip:

  • Call the restaurant in advance and ask the staff to set up your table with your desired food and drinks before your date arrives. This shows that you are thoughtful and organized, and it will make a great impression.

2. Director’s Club Cinema at S Maison 

Director’s Club Cinema at S Maison
(Image Source: ClickTheCity)

Address:  Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

Website:  smsupermalls.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SMaisonConradManila

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smaison_conrad/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 10 PM

Director’s Club Cinema at S Maison is a great place for a first date because it is a small, intimate cinema with only 40 to 50 seats. It has a full bar and restaurant, so you can order food and drinks without having to leave the theater. 

It also offers butler service that can deliver your food and drinks to your seat.

Pro Tip:

  • Buy your movie tickets online in advance to avoid the hassle of lining up at the cinema. You can also select your seats ahead of time to ensure that you get the best seats in the house.

3. Ebi 10 PH 

Ebi 10 PH
(Image Source: Coconuts Directory)

Address: Tower One, One Eastwood Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila

Website: https://ebi10ph.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ebi10Ph/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ebi10ph 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Details: +63977 481 4515 | +63909 062 7763

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Thursday – 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Friday – 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday – 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 11 AM to 9 PM

If you and your date are both fans of Japanese food, Ebi 10 PH is the perfect place for you. 

The restaurant’s interior is modern and stylish, making it ideal for a romantic date. They also serve delectable sushi rolls, sashimi, ramen, and rice bowls that will impress your date.

Pro Tip:

  • The sushi rolls they serve are typically 8 pieces and are large enough to be shared with your date.

4. Venice Grand Canal Mall 

Venice Grand Canal Mall
(Image Source: Trip Advisor)

Address: Upper McKinley Rd., Taguig City

Website: https://megaworld-lifestylemalls.com/malls/venice-grand-canal-mall#/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeniceGrandCanalMallMcKinleyHill/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mckinleyhill_/?hl=en 

Email: [email protected]

Contact Details: 8462 8888

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Thursday – 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 11 PM
  • Gondola Ride – Monday to Thursday – 11 AM to 9 PM 

 –  Friday to Sunday – 11 AM to 11 PM


  • Gondola Ride (15 minutes) – P400 (per person)

Travel to Venice without leaving Manila by visiting the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley, Taguig. The mall was inspired by Venice’s Grand Canal and includes a man-made canal with gondola rides. 

This makes it an ideal place for a romantic stroll while taking in the scenery. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the mall, so you can find something to your liking.

Pro Tip:

  • Book the gondola ride exclusively for you and your date. This will give you the privacy to talk and get to know each other better without any distractions.

5. Wabi Sabi Pottery Studio

Wabi Sabi Pottery Studio
(Image Source: Philstar Life)

Address: Wabi Sabi Studios, 187 N. Averilla Street, San Juan 

Website: https://www.wabisabistudioph.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wabisabistudio.ph/ 


  • Pottery Workshop Crash Course – P4400 per person
  • Pottery 3 Day Full Course – P10600

Wabi Sabi Pottery Studio is a great place to learn pottery and have a unique and memorable first-date experience. The studio offers a fun and interactive pottery class that is sure to break the ice and get you talking. 

Learn different pottery techniques while getting to know each other better. This kind of date will undoubtedly make an impression on him or her.

Pro Tip:

  • Bring hand towels, soap, and nail care products to show your date that you are caring and thoughtful of them. Pottery can be messy, so it is a nice gesture to have these items on hand to help your date clean up.

6. Roller Disco 

Roller Disco
(Image Source: spot)

Address: Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, corner Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Playland.Fishermall.ph 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fishermallph/

Contact Details: 02 372 6421 

Operating Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday – 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Friday and Saturday  – 10 AM to 10 PM


  • 30 Minutes Rental – P130
  • 1 Hour Rental – P200
  • Unlimited Use – P350
  • Extension (per 30 minutes) – P100
  • Socks – P50
  • LockerRental – P40

*Includes protective equipment.

Roller skating at Fisher Mall’s Roller Disco is a fantastic way to infuse fun and activity into your date while sharing plenty of laughter. 

The venue boasts a charming retro atmosphere and a generously sized rink where you and your date can glide, enjoy some carefree moments, and create lasting memories together. 

Pro Tip:

  • Bring a first aid kit with bandages and other basic supplies to be prepared in case your date gets injured while skating. This is a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about their safety.

7. LazerXtreme

(Image Source: Klook)

Address: 4th Floor Market! Market! Mall, Fort Bonifacio, 1634 Taguig 

Website: https://lazerxtreme.com.ph/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lazerxtremeMANILA 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lazerxtrememnl/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Details: +63 917 609 1619 | +63 960 279 0516 | +63 2 7275 3563

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday – CLOSED
  • Tuesday to Thursday – 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 10 PM


  • Tuesdays-Thursdays – P550 (2 Games) | P750 (3 Games) |


  • Friday-Sunday & Holidays – P590 (2 Games) | P790 (3 Ganes) | 


If you’re searching for an entertaining and unique way to make a memorable impression on your first date, LazerXtreme is an excellent choice. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your competitive spirit, bond over shared excitement, and learn more about each other’s attitudes, all while having a blast. 

Pro Tip:

  • Inform your date about the laser tag activity so they can dress comfortably and move easily. 

8. The Den

The Den
(Image Source: The Den)

Address: 413 Escolta St., Manila

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheDenManila/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedenmanila 

Email:  [email protected] 

Contact Details: 0995 071 3919

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM – 6 PM

If you’re up for some live music on your date, give The Den in Escolta a try. It’s a cozy coffee shop that often has live jazz and other kinds of music.

You can watch local artists play instruments and sing. It’s a nice, intimate place for a first date.

Pro Tip:

  • Take a peek at your date’s social media profiles to get an idea of their interests. This can make it easier to start conversations and connect on your first date.

9. Sip & Gogh at Ayala Heights

Sip & Gogh at Ayala Heights
(Image Source: Art of Being a Mom)

Address: 1 Capitol Hills Drive, Capitol GreenStreet, Old Balara, Quezon City

Website: https://www.sipandgogh.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SipAndGogh/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sipandgogh/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Details:  0999 887 6190

Operating Hours:  

  • Monday – CLOSED
  • Tuesday – Friday – 1:30 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday – 11 AM to 8 PM

Sip & Gogh in Ayala Heights is a delightful spot where you can enjoy painting while sipping your favorite drink. It’s a fantastic conversation starter for your first date. 

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your artistic talents!

Pro Tip:

  • For a unique twist, consider playing a game where you both paint on each other’s canvases. This way, you’ll have even more memorable painting souvenirs from each other to cherish.

10. SM Game Park 

SM Game Park
(Image Source: Speed)

Address: 2nd Floor, Central Walk, SM Fairview, 2 Quirino Hwy, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smgamepark/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smgamepark/ 

Operating Hours:  

  • Sunday to Thursday – 10 AM – 9 PM
  • Holiday, Friday, and Saturday – 10 AM to 10 PM

SM Game Park at SM Fairview is an ideal spot for a lighthearted and enjoyable first date. With a range of activities such as bowling and arcade games, it’s easy to have fun together. 

Don’t worry if you happen to lose; embrace the moment with laughter, and don’t hesitate to let your inner child shine through.

Pro Tip:

  • Offer to pay for your date; this thoughtful gesture can demonstrate your genuine interest and appreciation.

11. SM by the Bay

SM by the Bay
(Image Source: Tripzilla)

Address: SM by the Bay, MOA Complex, Seaside Blvd., Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SMBYamusementPark/  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smbyamusementpark/ 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 4 PM to 12 AM


  • FREE Entrance Fee
  • Family Rides – P50 – 60 
  • Thrill Rides – P100
  • The Eye Ferris Wheel – P150
  • SM by the Bay Amusement ParkRide-All-You-Can Day Pass – P420

 *Get this promo in Klook 

SM by the Bay is a waterfront complex offering a diverse range of dining options, stores, and amusements, ensuring there’s something both of you can enjoy. 

Whether you choose to ride the Ferris wheel or explore the various thrilling rides, you will be able to relive your inner child together and form a deeper bond with each other, making your date truly memorable.

Pro Tip:

  • Make sure to ask your date first if they have a fear of heights before inviting them to ride the Ferris wheel.

12. Batala Bar

Batala Bar
(Image Source: Travel Up)

Address: Plaza San Luis Complex, General Luna Street, cor Real Street, Intramuros, Manila

Website: https://batalabar.business.site/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BatalaBar/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/batalabar/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Details: 0917 896 4703

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 8:30 PM

Batala Bar in Intramuros is a great place for a first date. It’s peaceful and cozy, perfect for talking. 

You can savor top-notch local craft beers and delicious Filipino cuisine here. Plus, the bar offers a charming spot where you both can enjoy people-watching together and the beautiful Intramuros.

Pro Tip:

  • After your visit to Batala Bar, take a leisurely stroll together through the enchanting streets of Intramuros.
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