The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Companies in the Philippines
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The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Companies in the Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in the Philippines


We looked at each social media marketing company and chose only those that are reasonably priced and provide the most value for your money.


To ensure our picks didn’t fall short on services, we only included companies that provide various offerings with effective results.


We evaluated social media marketing companies that provided high-quality recommendations, pitches, and client advice.


As we value the reliability of each social media marketing company, we also took into consideration the quality of their clientele.

Client Servicing

We only choose social media marketing companies that provide excellent customer care before and after they provide their services.

1. LeapOut Digital Inc.

LeapOut Digital Inc. Homepage

Social Media Marketing Price Range: Php 40,800 – Php 129,600


• Search Engine Optimization

• Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing

• Social Media Ads

• Social Media Content


Address: 3rd floor, Agustin 1 Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center San Antonio, Pasig City

Client Servicing4.9/5


  • Has check-in meetings every two weeks
  • Multiple campaigns every month per platform
  • Offers monthly performance reports
  • Minimum contract of 3 months


  • Comprehensive packages are expensive
  • Social media marketing packages are divided into content and ads

If you want to promote your brand through multiple campaigns, we highly suggest LeapOut Digital Inc.

We like that they offer at least three monthly campaigns per platform, and they also let you choose your preferred platform. We’re even impressed that they utilize ​​six different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Waze.

For their services, we appreciate that they have check-in meetings with their clients every two weeks. This means you can easily see your brand’s progress and determine where your money goes.

Additionally, they offer monthly performance reports so you can easily assess your brand’s social media marketing results. 

Above all else, we think that their services are great because account management is included in their packages. That said, you’ll have more time for your business and less worry about promoting your brand. 

Also, we noticed that their minimum contract is three months. So, we think it’s best for those who want to try social media marketing first without dealing with a six or twelve-month contract yet.

However, we noticed that their social media marketing packages are divided into content and ads. It might be better to combine both so that clients won’t have to add-on two separate services.

Moreover, their pricing is also quite expensive for comprehensive packages, ‘Plus’ and ‘Premium.’ Thus, we believe they’re not suitable for small enterprises.

2. ExaWeb Corporation

ExaWeb Corporation Homepage

Social Media Marketing Price Range: $1,000 – $1,300


• Search Engine Optimization

• Web Design

• Pay Per Click Management

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Content Marketing & Management


Address: Unit 1003, One Park Drive, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Client Servicing4.8/5


  • Offers free consultation
  • Package includes page creation and customization 
  • Has brand monitoring services available
  • Integrates other social media accounts and websites


  • Packages are only available for six- and twelve-month commitments
  • Payments are in USD

Based on our evaluation, start-up businesses and those that don’t have a social media presence just yet might benefit most frrom ExaWeb Corporation’s services.

Firstly, their packages include page creation and customization and brand monitoring. Because of this, we think it’s suitable for those who don’t know how social media marketing works.

We are pleased that they provide a free consultation to anybody interested in learning more about their services. It’s a plus that these consultations provide professionals with expertise in brand building and digital marketing.

Their social media marketing strategy is multi-faceted, so you can successfully promote your brand. We especially like that they have a lot of branding expertise, which is great for companies still needing to establish themselves.

We think they’re also efficient as they integrate other social media accounts and websites into the brand’s chosen platforms. Thus, your brand gets more engagement and reach.

However, their packages are only available for 6- and 12-month durations. So we recommend you avail of their complimentary consultation before you commit to their services.

We also noted that their payments are in US dollars, so you’ll be affected by the exchange rates, and prices will change from time to time.

Anyhow, we still admire ExaWeb Corporation because they offer great assistance to their clients, and they are also hands-on with the projects that they have.

3. Carl Ocab Digital Marketing

Carl Ocab Digital Marketing Homepage

Social Media Marketing Price Range: Php 40,000 – Php 60,000


• Web Design

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media Marketing

• Pay Per Click & Digital Ads

• White Label Services


Address: 9th Floor, Filinvest One Building, Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila

Client Servicing4.8/5


  • Offers free customized social media deck
  • Has in-depth competition analysis
  • Prioritizes community building


  • May take days or weeks before you get quotations
  • Limited differences between packages

Upon assessment, we noticed that Carl Ocab Digital Marketing provides the best services for businesses in a highly competitive industry. In fact, it is one of the rapidly-expanding companies in the field of social media marketing.

We like that they offer in-depth competition analysis so you’ll know how to improve your sales. We also like that they have a business growth specialist to assist you because they believe there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy.

It’s a bonus that they provide a free personalized social media deck that summarizes all the essential components of your brand, ensuring the consistency of its application.

We’re also amazed by their company because they prioritize community building for brands. This means that their goal is to have organic engagements through the common interests of your customers.

Because they have a community on Facebook, we believe that this business also has a top-notch customer service approach. The owner and his team frequently participate in discussions, which tells us that they really value relationships.

However, we heard that it may take days or weeks before they can send you back the quotation for the project that you are venturing into. So, we suggest that you send them a message at least weeks before you need the quotation.

Additionally, when we compared their packages, we noted that they only have few differences. For instance, the number of custom posts and monthly ad spending are the only differences between the ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages.

4. PurpleClick

PurpleClick Homepage

Price Range: Php 45,000 – Php 500,000+


Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Banner Ads

Video Ads

Social Media

Mobile Ads




Address: 1506 Pearlbank Centre, 146 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

Client Servicing4.7/5


  • Utilizes eight different platforms
  • Have specific types of clients per package
  • Accepts post-dated checks


  • Has set-up fee for 6-month contracts
  • Packages are exclusive of e-VAT

If you want to reach your audience through different platforms, then PurpleClick is your best bet.

To start, they utilize eight platforms: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, and Yahoo!. And with these platforms, you’ll quickly reach your target audience based on their demographics and preferences that match your brand.

Added to that, their packages are specific for different types of clients, so you’ll easily know what package fits your needs. For example, they identified that their SME package works best for restaurants, shops, and others with one or two branches.

We also like that they accept post-dated checks as payment, so it’s easier for your business to accumulate income before paying for their service.

It’s also impressive that they have chat support on their website through Messenger. With this application, you’ll receive a response immediately rather than emails.

Having said that, we’re a bit unhappy that they charge a set-up fee of Php 5,000 for a six-month contract.

Furthermore, they charge e-VAT (Expanded Value Added Tax) per platform, so it can be pretty expensive to avail of their services.

Overall, we still enjoy PurpleClick’s services because the payment are already inclusive of ad credits from Facebook, Google, or Instagram.

5. be• Creative Studios

be• Creative Studios Homepage

Social Media Marketing Price Range: Php 35,000 – Php 60,000


• Social Media Marketing

• Branding

• Web Development

• Content Production

• Search Engine Optimization


Address: B1 L1 Kalayaan Street, Kalayaan Homes, Molino II, Bacoor City, Cavite

Client Servicing4.6/5


  • Most affordable among the companies on this list
  • Offer creative writing and direction to clients
  • Has a dedicated account manager for each account


  • Set cap on number of revisions
  • Offers less content than other companies on this list

If you have a tight budget and want to try social media marketing, we believe be• Creative Studios can help you.

They provide packages ranging from Php 35,000 to Php 60,000, which are the most reasonably priced among the companies on this list. On top of that, we’re impressed that they offer services comparable to those of more expensive ones.

We think it’s a great deal that they already offer creative writing and direction to their clients, even with just their basic package. It’s a benefit for us that they provide an additional 10% off if you avail of their annual packages.

For their strategies, we’re happy they practically present their client’s brand based on their target audience’s needs to maximize their media releases.

Additionally, they have a dedicated account manager to oversee your accounts and strategize accordingly based on the initial performance of your brand.

However, we’re disappointed that they don’t have unlimited revisions for their work. For their packages, they only offer 2-5 revisions for the content, which is less than those in other social media marketing companies. 

Over and above that, we also noted that the content they produce is less than what other companies on this list offer. Their most expensive package only includes up to 20 pieces of media content, which is slightly underwhelming.

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