The 5 Best Mobile Networks In The Philippines
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The 5 Best Mobile Networks In The Philippines

Our Criteria for the Best Mobile Networks In The Philippines


To give users a wide selection to choose from, we opted for mobile networks that provide a variety of offers for call, text, and data packages.


To ensure that you’ll get the most out of their services, we included mobile networks that have a strong, nationwide signal connection.


We selected mobile networks that are inexpensive and provide the most value for your money.

Customer Service

We looked into the process of how each mobile network addresses customers’ concerns and picked those that are efficient, fast, and professional.

1. Globe

Globe Homepage


Customer Service Hotline: (02) 7730 1000

Main Office Address: The Globe Tower, 32nd Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


• Call, text, and data prepaid promos

• Postpaid plans

• GFiber

Signal Strength4.5/5
Location Reach4.8/5
Price (A higher score means better value)3.5/5
Customer Service4.2/5


  • Nationwide reach
  • Offers phone plans with installment
  • Has phone plans with no lock-up


  • Expensive prepaid promos
  • Limited device plan options
  • Postpaid minimum contract duration is 24 months

What amazed us the most with Globe is that they offer no lock up for their devices, unlike other mobile networks on this list. This is great as customers may utilize the device of their choosing.

So for individuals who prefer to avail postpaid plans with devices, we highly recommend you try Globe.

We also like that they have phone plans with 12-month installments and 0% interest for those who will pay via credit card or GCash. 

However, we noticed that their prepaid promos, especially their data packages, are quite expensive. Their cheapest packages are inclusive of only a few MBs, so we don’t recommend Globe to heavy-data users.

Their device plan promos are also limited to a few devices. So if you want to choose from a wide selection of devices, then Globe may not be the best option for you.

We’re also a bit dissatisfied that their plans have a minimum contract of 24 months, which we think may not be economical for those who travel abroad often. 

On the bright side, travelers can avail of the roaming services. We think this is fitting for professionals who need to constantly connect with others.

Having mentioned that, we think Globe is worth considering because they are one of the networks with the widest reach nationwide.

Based on our observation so far, we’re quite happy that they live up to our call, text, and data needs.

2. Smart

Smart Homepage


Customer Service Hotline: (02) 8888 1111

Main Office Address: Smart Tower, 6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines


• Smart Signature Plans

• Prepaid Giga Offers

• Bro WiFi

Signal Strength4.5/5
Location Reach4.7/5
Price (A higher score means better value)3.8/5
Customer Service4.8/5


  • Has fast 5G technology
  • Affordable postpaid promos
  • Has various devices to choose from
  • Has all data promos with no expiry


  • Postpaid plans with devices are expensive
  • Prepaid promos are costly

Based on our assessment, Smart is the fastest network in the Philippines thanks to their 5G connection, both in the metro and provinces.

In fact, it’s worth highlighting that they’re constantly expanding their network services. As a result, you can expect relatively seamless 5G connection anywhere in the country.

We’re also amazed that they’re the first Philippine mobile services provider to be awarded by Ookla as the ‘Best Mobile Network’. They’ve bagged several awards since 2017, which we think is pretty evident in the services they provide.

Among their services, we also appreciate that they offer all data promos that don’t expire.  Meaning, you can use your allotted data for however long until you run out.

We also think they offer great postpaid plants because they provide a selection of devices from different brands for their customer to choose from. This is definitely is a plus for those who’d prefer a certain brand of phone.

Compared to other networks’ plans, we believe that Smart also offers the most affordable postpaid plans. Though the ones with devices can be more costly.

On the flip side, their prepaid promos are pretty pricey. As a result, we think Smart is not the best option if you’re a prepaid user.

3. Talk ‘N Text

Talk ‘N Text Homepage


Customer Service Hotline: (02) 8888 1111

Main Office Address: Smart Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines


• Prepaid data promos

• Call and text promos

Signal Strength4.7/5
Location Reach4.6/5
Price (A higher score means better value) 5/5
Customer Service4.5/5


  • Affordable call and text promos
  • Fast data connection
  • Has all data promos with no expiry


  • Limited product offerings
  • Data promos can be expensive

If you always use your phone to call and text, then your best bet is Talk ‘N Text (TNT).

Firstly, they have an affordable all-network call and text promos. Compared to other providers, they have the cheapest offerings with unlimited promos for as low as Php 10.

We also like that TNT offers a range of data packages that accommodate the needs of its customers. Hence, for those who casually surf the internet or play data-intensive games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, we think it’s the best option.

Among others, we also appreciate TNT’s great signal. Did you know that they can reach up to 5G?

However, we noticed that their data offers can be expensive, especially the promos with large all-access data. This means that if you need to access data-heavy sites, you may need to repurchase more promos.

Added to that, we’re a bit dissatisfied that  they do not offer postpaid plans. As a result, you’ll have to put up with constantly loading your sim card and registering to promos.

Thus, we think this is only fit for those who have easy access to loading stations or those who don’t mind installing applications like Gigalife where you can purchase load.

4. TM

TM Homepage


Customer Service Hotline: 02-730-1500

Main Office Address: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Calabarzon, Philippines


• TMBAYAN Fiber WiFi

• Utang load and promo

• Prepaid offers

Signal Strength4.6/5
Location Reach4.8/5
Price (A higher score means better value)4.8/5
Customer Service4.6/5


  • Good rewards offerings via GlobeOne app
  • Has a lot of prepaid promos available


  • No postpaid plans available
  • TMBayan is only available in a few selected locations

Based on our evaluation, the best affordable mobile network that offers eye-catching rewards for its users is TM. 

We like that they have great rewards offerings via the GlobeOne app. Their rewards are convertible to cash, which we think is quite unique.

It’s also worth mentioning that they provide a lot of prepaid promos for a variety of needs may it be for calls, text, or data.

For those looking for budget-friendly text promos, they offer a couple for as low as Php 5. Compared to other mobile networks, this may be the cheapest one.

While we appreciate that they offer 5G connection, it’s rather disappointing that it doesn’t have a wide reach. It’s only available in major cities in the Philippines at the moment.

Another thing that we find limiting with TM is that they don’t offer plans or postpaid services. Hence, we believe they’re best suited those who want flexibility with promos without any strings attached.

Furthermore, we think they’re a bit behind with when it comes to data or internet promos because of their limited offers. 

While they have been improving as we’ve seen recent offerings such as TMBayan Fiber WiFi, we’re still bummed at their limited reach, only catering to a few cities nationwide. 


DITO Homepage


Customer Service Hotline: 185

Main Office Address: 1/F Udenna Tower Rizal Drive corner, 4th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


• 5G Home WiFi

• Roaming and IDD

• Data promos

Signal Strength4/5
Location Reach3.5/5
Price (A higher score means better value)4.7/5
Customer Service3/5


  • Has a variety of internet promos
  • Cheaper data offers
  • Speed is up to 500+ mbps
  • Plans include unlimited texts to all networks
  • Has boosters for their promos


  • No expiry promos are not available
  • All call and text promos are only available for 30 days
  • Customer support can be ineffective

To those who need constant data connection but don’t want to avail of postpaid plans, we think you’ll like the services of DITO.

To begin, we enjoy that they feature low-cost data plans beginning at Php 10. It’s also worth noting that the average price of their 1G data is Php 12, which is significantly lower than the prices of the other mobile networks on our list.

We also love that they don’t have a data cap, so you can get the most out of the speed of your network. In fact, you can even enjoy 500+ mbps if you’re in a major city in the Philippines.

They have monthly promos starting from Php 99 that are inclusive of unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited calls to DITO subscribers. To boot, they also include 300 minutes’ worth of calls to other networks.

If you need more data, you can also subscribe to their App Booster, which is an add-on package that adds 7GB of data to your existing plan. Each package provides app-specific access to games, social media, or work-related apps.

However, we’re a bit bummed that DITO doesn’t offer non-expiry promos. This means that you’ll have to use up your data to maximize your money before it expires.

They also do not provide separate call and text promos. We discovered that these are only offered as a freebie with their monthly subscription packages.

Moreover, we also observed that their customer service can be pretty ineffective compared to others on this list. We noticed that they take a long time to address their customers’ concerns via email.

FAQs on Mobile Networks in the Philippines

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