11 Best Amusement Parks in Metro Manila
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11 Best Amusement Parks in Metro Manila

Metro Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines, is home to a number of fun-filled amusement parks that offer a thrilling escape from the daily humdrum of city life.

These parks offer something for everyone, from heart-pumping roller coasters to interactive exhibits and educational attractions. 

Whether you are looking for a fun day out with family and friends or an exciting evening of entertainment, here are 11 of the best amusement parks in Metro Manila that you and your family can enjoy.

1. Star City

Star City
(Image Source: Star City)
AddressRoxas Blvd, CCP, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Operating HoursThursday & Friday - 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday - 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Ticket PricesStar Pass - Php 699

Star Pass + Snow World - Php 859


Star City is one of the most popular amusement parks in Metro Manila that has been a favorite among families and friends for many years. 

This park offers a wide range of rides and attractions suitable for all ages, making it a perfect place to spend the day with loved ones.

Two of the main attractions at Star City are the Star Flyer and Star Frisbee, heart-pumping rides that take you high up in the air for an incredible view of the park and the surrounding city. 

Another popular ride is the classic Giant Star wheel, which gives you a relaxing view of the entire park and the beautiful skyline.

For those who prefer less intense experiences, Star City also offers a variety of carnival games and attractions, such as bumper cars and a grand carousel. You can also enjoy live shows and performances at the park’s indoor theater.

Star City is also known for its delicious food, offering a variety of snacks and meals to suit every taste. 

Whether you’re in the mood for classic amusement parks fare like cotton candy and hot dogs, or you want to try something more substantial like a burger or pizza, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Star City is an excellent destination for families and friends looking for a day of fun and excitement. With its wide range of rides, attractions, games, and food options, there’s something for everyone here.

2. Dream Play

Dream Play
(Image Source: Klook)
Address Aseana Ave, Tambo, Parañaque, Metro Manila
Operating Hours Wednesday - Sunday - 11 AM–8 PM
Ticket PricesParticipating - Php 1,500

Non-participating - Php 350

VIP Pass - Php 2,999


Dream Play is a world-class indoor amusement park located in the heart of Manila. This park is the perfect place to escape the heat and enjoy indoor fun with friends and family. 

One of the main attractions at Dream Play are the interactive and educational exhibits. Cooking with Gingy and Afro Circus, for instance, are perfect for children of all ages. 

There is also a variety of thrilling rides, such as the Dreamtheater, How to Fly Your Dragon and the Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting.

In addition to the rides, Dream Play offers a wide range of games and activities, such as wall climbing in the Wall of Destiny and enjoying the puppet show at DreamWorks DreamTales. 

The park also has several dining options, serving up snacks like sandwiches, soda, fries, and ice cream. 

3. Bounce Philippines-Trampoline Park

Bounce Philippines-Trampoline Park
(Image Source: Manila For Kids)
Address South Tower, Ground Floor, Unit 122-123, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, 1750 Metro Manila
Operating HoursMonday - Friday - 11 AM–9 PM

Saturday - Sunday - 9 AM–9 PM

Ticket PricesStarts at Php 349

Bounce Philippines-Trampoline Park is a fun and exciting destination for families and friends in Metro Manila. It offers a wide range of activities and attractions that cater to people of all ages.

The park features trampoline courts, wall-to-wall trampolines, dodgeball, basketball, foam pits, and more. It is a great place to let loose and burn some energy, especially for those who love to bounce around.

Visitors can spend hours jumping and playing, whether it’s solo or with friends and family. The park also has a cafe where guests can rest, grab a bite, and recharge.

Bounce Philippines-Trampoline Park provides safety measures and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. 

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just someone looking for a fun time, Bounce Philippines is worth a visit.

4. Tales of Illumina

Tales of Illumina
(Image Source: Tales of Illumina)
AddressQuezon City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours 11:00  AM–8:00 PM
Ticket PricesPhp 749

Tales of Illumina is an interactive and immersive park located in Metro Manila. It is a one-of-a-kind experience where visitors are taken on a journey through different worlds and stories. 

Each park’s attractions are designed to give visitors a unique and memorable experience, combining technology, art, and storytelling to create a magical and surreal atmosphere.

It features Philippine folklore, mythology, legends like Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura, and some Philippine mythical creatures. 

This park offers a unique and educational experience for families and individuals who are interested in learning more about the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. 

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Tales of Illumina is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that is both fun and educational.

5. Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park
(Image Source: Viator)
AddressQuirino Grandstand, 666 Behind, Ermita, Manila City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Ticket PricesPhp 680

Manila Ocean Park is a marine-themed park that offers visitors a unique and educational experience. It is located in Ermita, Metro Manila, and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. 

The park boasts a vast array of marine life and showcases the beauty of the ocean through its various attractions and exhibitions.

One of the main highlights of Manila Ocean Park (Manila Ocean Park) is the Oceanarium, which is home to over 14,000 marine creatures from more than 270 species. 

Visitors can walk through the 80-meter-long transparent tunnel and witness the vibrant and diverse sea creatures swimming around them. 

Another must-visit attraction is the Jellyfish Habitat, which houses different species of jellyfish in a mesmerizing and peaceful environment.

For those seeking a more thrilling experience, the park also offers activities like Trails to Antarctica, where visitors can have a hands-on experience with the penguins and interact with birds at The Birdhouse.

The park also has several souvenir shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs and memorabilia to take back home as reminders of their visit.

6. Pugad Pugo Adventure

AddressPugo, La Union
Operating Hours8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Ticket PricesPhp 200

Pugad Pugo Adventure is an outdoor amusement park in La Union, a province just north of Manila. It’s a popular destination for adventure-seekers, nature lovers, and families looking for a day filled with thrilland excitement.

The park boasts a variety of attractions, including ziplines, ATV, and Go-Kart, to name a few. It’s an ideal destination for visitors who love a good adrenaline rush and want to test their limits. 

The park’s facilities are well-maintained, ensuring visitors’ safety while enjoying the various attractions.

Pugad Pugo Adventure is also an excellent destination for nature lovers. Lush green forests surround the park, promising beautiful scenery visitors can enjoy. 

In addition to the thrilling activities, Pugad Pugo Adventure also offers a variety of dining options, such as a restaurant called Bamboos and Boodle, which serves delicious Filipino dishes like buttered shrimp and chicken inasal. 

Visitors can also relax and unwind at the park’s picnic areas, where they can enjoy a meal and soak up the stunning views of the surroundings.

7. Wetpark Adventure Lagoon

Wetpark Adventure Lagoon
(Image Source: Taguigeño)
Address3/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill Dr, Taguig, Metro Manila
Operating HoursMonday - Friday - 11 AM - 9 PM

Saturday - Sunday - 7:30 AM - 9 PM

Ticket PricesWeekday - Php 488

Weekend - Php 588


Wetpark Adventure Lagoon is excellent for beating the heat and having fun. It is located in Taguig and is a perfect destination for families and friends looking for a refreshing break from bustling city life – within the city. 

The park features an array of water-based attractions for all ages, from small children to thrill-seekers. 

The Hydro Massage is where you can relax and soak up in the water. There’s also the Water Cannon, where you can experience the thrill of being bombarded by water, and the classic Water Slide.

There is also the Kids’ Pool, where the little ones can play safely and enjoy the water.

In addition to the water-based attractions, Wetpark Adventure Lagoon also offers a variety of food and beverage options, so you won’t have to leave the park to grab a bite to eat. 

8. Fun in the City Arcovia

Fun in the City Arcovia
(Image Source: Leilani Melad)
AddressPasig, Metro Manila
Operating Hours3:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Fun in the City Arcovia is a vibrant amusement park with exciting rides and attractions, delicious food, and a lively atmosphere.

The park has an array of exciting rides and attractions for all ages, from small children to adults. The Cable Cars are a must-try, providing panoramic views of the city; as well as the Boomerang, which is sure to get your heart racing.

There are also Kiddie Rides like the Kidzone and kiddie Vikings, where the little ones can safely enjoy the excitement of the amusement park.

In addition to the rides and attractions, Fun in the City Arcovia also offers a variety of food stalls to grab a bite to eat to stay energized throughout your stay.

9. RAVE Rainforest Park

RAVE Rainforest Park
(Image Source: DestiMap)
AddressFrancisco Legaspi, Pasig, Metro Manila
Operating Hours5:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Ticket PricesPasigueños - Starts at Php 120

Non-Pasigueños - Starts at Php 120


Nestled in the heart of Pasig City, RAVE Rainforest Park is a must-visit destination for adventure enthusiasts. 

The park boasts a vast area filled with lush greenery, making it a fun and refreshing oasis in the midst of the concrete jungle that is Metro Manila.

RAVE Rainforest Park offers a unique experience where visitors can take on various adrenaline-pumping activities such as wall climbing, rappelling, and skate park. It’s a great place to challenge your bravery and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time.

One of the most popular attractions in RAVE Rainforest Park is its tallest and longest zipline in Metro Manila. 

They also have an Alice and Wonderland-themed garden called aMaze Garden that looks like the labyrinth wall of England.

On the other hand, the wall climbing activity is perfect for those who want to push their limits and conquer their fear of heights. With the help of experienced instructors, visitors can climb to great heights and enjoy the stunning view of the park from the top.

RAVE Rainforest Park also has a picnic area where families and friends can relax and bond over a meal. The park also features a store where visitors can buy souvenirs to commemorate their visit. 

10. SM by the BAY

SM by the BAY
(Image Source: Tripadvisor)
AddressSeaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Ticket PricesPhp 409

SM by the BAY is a recreational park along the Manila Baywalk, providing a beautiful view of the famous Manila Bay sunset. 

The park features a wide range of attractions, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and solo travelers. From thrilling rides to live shows and concerts, SM by the BAY has something to offer for everyone.

One of the main attractions in SM by the BAY is its impressive collection of thrilling rides. Of course, there’s also the iconic MOA eye, the highest Ferris wheel in the Philippines. 

SM by the BAY also offers a selection of more relaxed rides like the Barnstormer and Bumble Bee for those who love to take it slow.

In addition to its rides, SM by the BAY is also known for its lively atmosphere and live entertainment shows. The park hosts various events and concerts throughout the year, ranging from musical performances to magic shows. 

11. World of Fun

World of Fun
(Image Source: NeoFuns Arcade)
Address3rd Floor, SM City North EDSA, EDSA, corner North Avenue, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila
Operating Hours10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Ticket PricesStarts at Php 50

World of Fun, also known as WOF, is one of the leading amusement parks in Manila, Philippines. The park is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and world-class entertainment options. 

World of Fun offers a wide range of games and attractions that cater to kids, parents, and grandparents. 

From the bright and lively play areas to the fun design elements, WOF creates a welcoming atmosphere perfect for families to spend quality time together. 

With state-of-the-art technology and top-notch equipment, the park ensures visitors have a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

One of their major attractions is the Laser Bumper and Horror Tunnel, for a heart-thumping experience.

In addition to its impressive lineup of arcade and shooting games like After Dark and Tekken 5 & 6 and attractions KTV Rooms and Convoy Ride, 

World of Fun is also known for its commitment to providing visitors with a safe and secure environment. Families can rest assured that they will have a worry-free and enjoyable time at the park.

What to Bring to an Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park can be a fun and exciting experience, but it’s vital to be prepared for the day ahead. Here’s a list of things you should consider bringing:

1. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a must-have item when visiting an outdoor amusement park. It shields your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause sunburns. 

It is necessary to apply sunscreen with a high SPF to ensure maximum protection, especially during peak hours when the sun is at its strongest. 

2. Comfortable clothing and shoes 

Comfortable shoes are essential for all the walking and running you’ll be doing at the amusement park. With so many attractions to explore and games to play, you’ll be on your feet for hours on end. 

Wearing comfortable shoes will prevent foot-related issues, such as blisters or sore feet, and will ensure you can enjoy the day without discomfort.

3. Reusable water bottle 

Staying hydrated is important, especially on those hot summer days. A water bottle is a must-have item that you can refill throughout the day. 

It will save you money and prevent you from feeling thirsty and fatigued. 

Avoid sugary drinks and opt for water instead, which is the best drink to keep you hydrated.

4. Camera or smartphone

A camera or phone is a must-have for capturing all the fun memories you’ll make at the amusement park. Take pictures of yourself, your friends, and your family, and share your experiences on social media. 

5. Umbrella or hat

Having an umbrella or hat is essential when visiting an amusement park, especially if there’s a chance of rain. Bringing protective gear such as an umbrella or a hat can help keep you dry and comfortable. 

Additionally, a hat can also provide shade from the sun, keeping you cool and protected from harmful UV rays. 

With its combination of thrilling rides, captivating attractions, and family-friendly environments, these amusement parks promise to deliver an unforgettable experience to everyone who visits.

So, which of these amusement parks are you most excited to visit? Leave a comment below!

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